Hal Lindsey: Peace Plan Would Put Israel in 'Impossible Situation'

by Chad Groening and Bill Fancher

(AgapePress) A prominent Christian author and end-times scholar believes the creation of a Palestinian state would put Israel in a tenuous position that could lead to nightmarish consequences.

Dr. Hal Lindsey shares the concerns of many other believers that President Bush's "road map to peace" could have dire consequences for the state of Israel. The author of The Late Great Planet Earth believes any Palestinian state will be a haven for terrorists and leave Israel with only one way to defend itself.

"I believe that if we force [the Israelis] into this, it's going to bring the terrorists right into the heart of Israel where there are no defensible borders," Lindsey says. "That will leave Israel with only one option if they're attacked ... they have to go immediately to nuclear weapons."

Lindsey says the Israelis possess neutron bombs, which would be very effective in taking out its enemies.

"They can set a ... neutron bomb so that it will wipe out all life within a half-mile radius, within a mile radius, within a five-mile radius, or whatever," he says of the nuclear weapon that takes lives but does not destroy property.

"They have those kinds of nuclear weapons," he says, "and I'm sure they'll use them if they're put into an impossible situation -- which this state of Palestine is going to put them in."

Lindsey says the history and nature of Islam clearly show that Israel will be attacked from such a state carved out of its territory. But he adds that God's covenant with the Jewish people will not allow Israel to be destroyed.

Expected Reaction

The president's efforts to promote his "road map" will not be honored by Hamas, one of the Palestinian terrorist groups bent on the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel. Many people anticipated this result, among them conservative Christian radio talk-show host Janet Parshall.

"If you're going to have peace, the theory is at least that both parties sitting down want the same end result -- which is peace," she says.

Hamas, as well as other terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, do not want peace with Israel.

"So when you get three groups collectively calling for more death, more destruction, nothing's ever changed," Parshall says.

"So I guess we should say 'Blessed are the peacemakers,' and I guess we should applaud those who are trying to make peace," she continues. "But ... if we're really being truthful, [we need to understand] that this is an ancient argument, probably well over 3,000 years old -- and you can never have peace until both parties want peace as their end result."

Christians have claimed peace will never happen until terrorist attacks on Israel cease.

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