Letters to the Editor

Poor Movie Review

To The Editor,

The review for "Finding Nemo" was fairly accurate, although there were a few things left out. You failed to mention that the "G" rating is merely the world's rating, as the opening scene shows the mother and babies attacked and killed by a baracuda. This scene merely set the stage for the string of terrifying scenes that were unsuitable for anyone under 10 - at least!

I found your misprint of Ellen DeGeneres name as "DeGenerate" however quite accurate. There are plenty of female comedians that Disney could have chosen for the part that would have also been "perfect". They knew exactly what they were doing in choosing and supporting an outspoken lesbian.

The movie was funny and exciting in some parts, though I found it to have more scary parts than any of the Disney films I've seen in a long, long time. I regret that I subjected my 4 and 6 year old to the fear they experienced in seeing this G-rated "excellent family feature". I also regret that we consciously took them to see this and wasted $21 of the Lord's money to do so.

If you're going to properly review a movie, please discuss ALL the aspects of the film, good and bad. I don't think I've ever read a review of yours that didn't make the movie sound suitable for viewing. As a Christian reviewer, you have a responsibility to help other Christians remain accountable and helping them "avoid every kind of evil" (1 Thessalonians 5:22), whether for themselves or their innocent babies they are trying to raise.

J.J., Cleveland

Editor's Response

Hey J.J.,

Yes, you're right that Christians must avoid every kind of evil. However, the movie review wasn't intended to mislead you and your family in any way. In fact, the cartoon scene that you're referring to doesn't actually show the baby fish being attacked and eaten. The movie only implied that the barracuda ate the fish eggs without showing them being eaten. It doesn't even show them eating the mother fish, it only implies that they ate her without the visual. This is a natural occurrence in the oceans of our world every day, just as people everywhere crack eggs for breakfast or eat chickens for dinner. I personally don't think the movie was implying gratuitous violence in order to tell the more important story of 'parenting without fear'.

In the same fashion, the Bible contains many references to violence and death. In your attempt to shield your children, you may not want them to know about how Jesus died for them because His death was very gruesome and followed much torture and suffering. However, knowing this part of the story makes the news of God's salvation, mercy and grace so much more meaningful. Don't be afraid to teach your children the truth about the world in which they live and the sinful condition of mankind, in light of the hope found in God's word. Be afraid not to teach them.

In Christ by Grace,

Jon Hanna

Expose False Teachers, False Doctrines

Dear Connection,

I am writing in regards to an article in your July, 2003 paper. There is an article on page 13 by Cal Thomas called "The Threat Among Us". It is about how Muslims are our enemies and down grading them.

I am a Christian first of all, and as a Christian I have no enemies. Because a Christian is a follower of Christ and from my understanding Christ loved all people and tried to teach instead of down grade them.

I am young in my Christian faith, so by all means tell me if I'm wrong.

But I found this article to be very unchristian like and honestly, I don't see how any follower of Christ would write or publish something like this.

You shouldn't waste space on negative outlooks on other religions. They are for "God" to judge, not Cal Thomas.

Please feel free to write back if you would like. Thanks for your time, and God bless you!


Jonah Toothman,

Editor's Response

Hi Jonah,

Thanks for writing. I've taken another look at Cal Thomas' article that was published in our July issue, titled 'The Threat Among Us'

Yes, while it is true that we are to love our enemies, that does not mean we are to forsake to warn our loved ones of dangers. In the New Testament, Paul warned the Church of persons causing harm to the church. He would warn them to beware and be watchful. Remember, Jesus called the false religious leaders of the Temple in Jerusalem brood of vipers. He told them that they were of their father the devil.

Cal Thomas was not expressing his opinions and attitudes, he is merely stating the facts of his research regarding the Muslim religion in America. I do not detect a spirit of malice or hate, which the Bible warns Christians against.

What does the Bible say about confronting those who promote false doctrines? II John teaches us that we aren't to validate those who preach another gospel than that of salvation through Jesus. When President Bush went into a Mosque, read from the Koran and declared the Muslim religion a 'good religion', he was in violation of scripture. If George Bush really believes that Jesus is the 'only way' then he lied when he said the Muslim religion was good.

Revelation chapter two, verse's 14-16, reveal God's anger at the church that tolerates false doctrines and those who teach them. God warns that He himself will take up the fight against those who promote false doctrines if the church didn't repent for being tolerant of them.

The Muslim religion is not a religion of God, the Creator. Muslims do not serve the God that we serve, the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

It's not hateful to resist false teachers and false doctrines, God commands it.

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