Brown's second year receiver stays accountable for friends, family and faith

by Matthias R. Monschein

Andre Davis

Looking back at the Past NFL drafts for the Cleveland Browns, it is now clear to see that there was a plan in selecting wide receivers with their second picks and how it has improved the team immensely.

Going back from the beginnings there was Kevin Johnson in 1999, Dennis Northcutt in '00, Quincy Morgan in '01 and Andre' Davis in '02. All of these men were second round draft picks and all of these men have a key role on this team.

Now starting his second season with the Brown's, Andre Davis' stats are proof for the pudding. In his rookie season he ranked 3rd among NFL rookies with 7 TD's as he appeared in all 16 regular season games. Impressively there is another thing that sets him apart from the others is that he keeps himself accountable and his team mates accountable for their actions both on and off the field. Sharing the locker next to him is one of his closest friends Andre King.

"Just being here in this locker room is a blessing to me because God has surrounded me with many accountability partners. Andre has been a great influence for me. Together we're able to help each other."

It is becoming to be a common thing to find many believers in the locker room supporting each other's walk with Christ. However, it is a rare sight to see your head coach down there amongst those gentlemen praying just as hard as the next man.

"Having Butch Davis as my head coach has helped me out a lot. Most NFL teams do not allow a Chaplain to enter the locker room at all. Butch has allowed Tom Petersburg access to come and talk with us. Having a head coach who is also a believer is an additional blessing in having someone who will support the things that we want and need."

Now the question arises should the head coach allow his team to see the human side of their leader? Does it make him more vulnerable to his team?

"Having a head coach that thinks and believes the same as you do make it easy to understand where he is coming from most of the time when he is out there on the field.

He is a person that I can go and talk to about anything that is on my mind. Out there on the field it is business as usual. You have to go out there and you still have to make your plays or else you won't be out there for long. You still have to continue and work hard and build up from there."

The blessings continue for this second year receiver as Davis and his newlywed wife Janelle exchanged vows earlier this year during the off season.

"I see the two of us growing in major ways for the Lord. Together we have a tough schedule to iron out between us. Janelle still has two years to finish in college and of course the training schedule for the team in the fall. Andre King, Courtney Brown and André Davis the (line backer) are a bunch of my accountability partners who help me to stay grounded in the Lord. There is another thing that we all share together is that we are all married and our wives joins us in our bible studies and daily activities."

There is one verse that Davis keeps in the back of his mind all of the time and that is Philippians 4:13

"I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me."

"With the opportunity that I have had to play in the NFL I have been able to speak to many churches and youth groups as well as different people around here in the community. That is one of the things that I really enjoy because it forces me to keep my testimony sharp and my life in Christ."

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