Former Clevelander's Exodus From Episcopal's Homosexual Agenda

by Jon Hanna

In early August, the Episcopal Church, by a majority vote of over 60 Bishops, cleared the way for a professing homosexual, Gene Robinson, to be elected Bishop. The fight to ordain homosexuals is also taking place in other mainline churches throughout America.

However, while many Catholic priests are admittedly homosexuals, the Pope has apparently adopted a 'don't get caught' policy, and chooses not to ferret out, nor publicly validate those who practice what the Bible calls unnatural and God's wrath on those who refuse to love the truth.

Just what effect is the homosexual agenda having on these churches? Reportedly, donations to the Catholic Church are down and experts predict that this issue will split the Episcopal Church.

On the day after the Episcopals cleared the way for a homosexual to become Bishop, Bonnie Berta of Ocean Isle, North Carolina contacted Connection Magazine seeking a new church. The former Clevelander and her husband Paul are members of the St. James Episcopal Church, since moving there in 1999. "I can't be a part of a community that condones (homosexuality)," she said. "I can love a homosexual person but not the act, because of scripture."

Both Bonnie and her husband are actively involved at their church. She is a vestry (elder) and her husband is the Chairman of the Stewardship Department. Although his current assignment is to help find a new priest for their Episcopal Church, he is in agreement with his wife and ready to leave.

"He is heart sick", said Bonnie, "We love our church family but I don't see how we can attend any Episcopal Church when your (financial donations) go to support the homosexual agenda."

Bonnie and her husband represent many hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions who are disillusioned and filled with questions regarding those mainline churches that abandon scripture and advance the cause of men's lusts.

"The next thing you know they'll be supporting homosexual marriages," Bonnie predicted.

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