Homosexuals Attack Church Volunteer

According to church leader, Rich Bilski, at approximately 7:15 on the morning of Sunday August 17, 4 homosexual men arrived at Church on the Rise in Westlake, Ohio looking for the Senior Pastor, Paul Endrei. Instead, they met Bilski a former Army Ranger, as he was taking out the garbage in the back of the church, well hidden from busy Crocker Road.

After asking Mr. Bilski where the pastor was and when he would arrive, they proceeded to assault him. One of the men, the driver, got out of the car with gloves on and another man broad sided Mr. Bilski and hit him in the face with the frame of a tennis racquet. Mr. Bilski aptly defended himself and sent the man scurrying off in their car. As they were running away, one of the men shouted, "that's for Pastor Paul."

Mr. Bilski said that he had seen the same car, a white camaro, in the back parking lot two or three times earlier in the week, as if they were waiting for someone. A police report was filed with the Westlake Police Department.

It is believed these men were enraged with the message that Pastor Endrei preached against the sin of homosexuality a week earlier from the Church pulpit. In that message, Pastor Endrei preached that the Bible is clear about homosexuality being a sin in the eyes of God, but that there is hope and one way out of the lifestyle for the homosexual. "The one way out is through repentance and the forgiveness of Jesus Christ," declared Pastor Endrei.

Pastor Endrei has pledged to continue to preach the truth of the Bible, and will not be swayed by intimidation tactics that may be used. The church is also planning to set up a recovery group to minister to those caught in the sin of homosexuality.

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