Expert Says Chinese 'Killer Satellites' May Pose Serious Threat to U.S.

by Chad Groening

(AgapePress) An expert on Communist China says a Pentagon report will soon reveal that Beijing has made tremendous advances in space technology that may pose a serious national security threat to the United States.

John Tkacik is the research fellow in China policy at the Heritage Foundation ( He says a soon-to-be-released report on China's military capability indicates that the communist country has made great strides in space technology, and may soon supplant the Russians as the number-two space power in the world.

Moreover, Tkacik says the Chinese are not pursuing peaceful purposes in space, but in fact are working on technology with military tactical and defensive applications.

"The Chinese already have their own global positioning satellites [that are] almost impossible to attack, and are developing A-SAT -- anti-satellite -- capabilities to bring down American surveillance and global positioning satellites," Tkacik says.

The researcher believes the Pentagon's findings should be taken seriously. "This report is not the idle speculation of fevered right-wingers in Washington's basements. These are the considered analyses of the top intelligence professionals in the Defense Department," he says.

Tkacik finds the report "sobering" and feels that having Chinese "killer satellites" in space is clearly unacceptable. He says the United States must take steps to develop defenses that can limit the impact of rocket-launched or missile-launched anti-satellite systems.

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