A Testimony of Two At Twinsburg Twins Festival

Connection Magazine talked to twins from Youngstown, Ohio and Fenton, Michigan who have more in common then good looks.
by Jon Hanna

Twins Don and Dave Wolf of Michigan are not ZZ Top wannabes.

Since 1976, Twinsburg, Ohio has been the site of the largest and most notable celebration of twins in America. Starting with only 36 sets of twins on the first year, the festival expanded to a record high of 2,798 sets of registered twins in 1995. They come from all over the world. This years award for 'twins furthest traveled' went to John and Richard Griffith of South Africa.

Everywhere the eye could see, twins posed for camera shots as others took turns participating in the 'twin' talent contests. A variety of vendors stayed busy preparing double orders throughout the day. A group photo is also regular occurrence at the festival, as is Sunday morning worship.

The three day festival registered 2,120 sets of twins this season, including Frederica and Francine Fields from Youngstown, Ohio.

'This is number 7', the twin sisters answered in stereo when asked how often they've attended the event that celebrates their like identities. "Next year we are going to sing during worship," said one of the sisters.

When asked about opportunities for Christian fellowship, Frederica and Francine confirmed with big smiles, "We always fellowship." Continuing to share the answer to my question they both added, "There are a whole lot of preachers, there's a Bishop from Texas, there are other ministers, all twins, and we all have a good time."

Francine revealed that she accepted Jesus as her Lord about 10 years ago. Of course it was her sister Frederica who influenced her faith. "My sister tried to commit suicide but (instead) came to Jesus," Francine said. The scenario that eventually helped her see her need for salvation was described by Frederica in detail.

"On the way to go to jump off a bridge, I met a lady and she told me about Jesus Christ, that He could save me and deliver me from all the things I'd been going through," Frederica boldly recalled, "I didn't realize it, but I had started to follow this lady. She went into a church and then I went into the church. When I realized I was in the church all the ministers began to pray for me and that's when I received the Lord, and I've been saved ever since."

Today the sisters are members of Community Church of God in Christ in Warren, Ohio, and have plans to return to the Twins Festival next year.

Don and Dave Wolf of Fenton, Michigan have been attending the annual Twins Day since 1997, and have no plans to stop now. "You meet other twins and have a good time," said Don.

These brothers with beard's of the ZZ Top kind, live their lives as identical as they look. They're both truck drivers, allowing them to travel the country together. They're both scuba-divers, and when asked about religion they both proudly point to Jesus, "Jesus died for my sins; without Him I wouldn't have salvation, without Him I wouldn't have hope," declared Dave without hesitation. "

Just as the twins were born together, they were both 'born-again' together at a Phoenix church in 1985. Declaring one of the benefits of serving Jesus, Don said, "When things go wrong, you don't have to get stressed out. With God, all things work together for good."

You can say that again!

Note: For more information about the annual Twins Festival, please contact the Twinsburg, Ohio, Chamber of Commerce.

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