Tune Into WGOD

by Danita Harris

Good day everyone and thank you for tuning in to W.G.O.D.
The network where you can receive life eternally
You don't have to worry if you can't afford cable
This station is brought to you by the One who is able
His son Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price
He gave his life for you...that's more than nice
What love from the Father that he would give his son
So that one day you would accept him, believe in him, and become one
Here at W.G.O.D. we believe in the power of God's love
We serve a God who can do exceedingly above whatever you're thinking of
He's holy, he's righteous, and He loves you so much
He can heal you, deliver you, with just one touch
Hey! Don't even think about touching your remote
Keep it tuned right here, for one more station note
You see there is an enemy who would like to keep you in the dark
Living a life that has no meaning, a life that has no spark
He doesn't want you to be born again, he doesn't want you to have new life
His purpose is to kill, steal and destroy your joy...cutting you up like a knife
But don't worry when his fiery darts sting you...it's not the end
God won't let any weapon formed against you to prosper...my friend
So be encouraged and know that your Creator sits on high
He cares about you and protects you...He hears you when you cry
This is W.G.O.D. and we're on 24 hours everyday
If you stay tuned to us, your blessings are only a prayer away.

Danita Harris is an anchor at WEWS News Channel 5 and can be seen daily on Good Morning Cleveland and News Channel 5 at Noon. She loves to write poetry, sing, and volunteer with The Girls Club of Ohio. Danita loves to encourage people in the Lord, and prays everyday that people would see the light of the Lord in her life.

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