Letter From the Editor

America's Attack on Truth Reaches Ohio
by By Jon Hanna

It's hardly a secret how fast and furious America is striving at removing God and all of His ways from our society. It appears to be the 'politically correct' way of a new America in the new millennium enforced by new laws. Where and when will it end?

In September, Muslims made complaints to the owner of Marc's Discount Stores, regarding a Muslim article in the September issue of Connection Magazine. In a seemingly noble attempt to do his duty to be 'politically correct', the owner of Marc's Discount Stores in Ohio has decided to appease the Muslims and remove our God glorifying, Jesus praising, Bible quoting, church edifying, people reaching, Christian publication from all 44 Marc's Stores.

Yes, it's just that easy. A Muslim makes a complaint against a Christian or a Christian organization and, 'poof', no more tolerance or free speech for the Christians here in this great land of 'tolerance and free speech'. This wouldn't have been possible but for the political climate in America.

Now let me make this clear that as Christians, we do not consider Muslims our enemies. Some of them may be blowing up our buildings and others may chant hate slogans against America, (I don't like our country's evil ways either), but Christians are not to hate anyone. We are given to prayer, and trust our government and our young men to protect our borders and our people. Praise Jesus.

However, as followers of Jesus, we are commanded by God to love everyone…including Muslims. We are commissioned by God to share God's word with everyone…including Muslims.

Although Muslims do not serve the God of Christians, the good news is that many Muslims do believe in Jesus, however, only as a prophet. But Jesus is much more than just a prophet. Jesus is Lord and Savior. He is God's sacrifice for our sins.

I appeal to all Muslims to talk to Jesus. He has some revelation knowledge for you. He will answer your questions and bring peace to your mind and soul. Jesus will set you free…truly free, like you've never been before. May God bless all Muslims with ears to hear His truth through Jesus.

The truth is that the American government is more of an enemy to Christianity than the Muslims are. Yet some of us still love this country that we're starting not to like. We continue to pray in spite of everything. However, we will not be silent anymore. We will not forsake God's commands any longer. We will fulfill the commission to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our nation and every nation. We will declare God's judgements even when our country pronounces judgement against God's word and God's laws. Yes, and even when America pronounces judgement against us as followers of Jesus. We can not be silent any longer.

America has kicked God out of the public schools, by outlawing prayer and the Bible. America has licensed and ordained the killing of approximately 3,000 babies in the womb, each day. America has overturned the right of every state to have and enforce anti-sodomy laws. America has validated homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle.

America has essentially been declared an atheist government by recent laws that have outlawed God's laws. The nation of America has just legislatively broken any covenant with God that it may have once laid claim to.

America has divorced itself from God and time is running out.

Because our nation has forsaken God's laws and His ways, the future of America now hangs in the balance. America is wanting and headed for destruction.

The good news is that God is merciful and compassionate, ready to forgive. Pray that our congress will declare the Supreme Courts laws against God's laws, unconstitutional. Pray that America once again enacts laws in accordance with God's word, that America may be pleasing to God. Pray and speak the truth found in God's word with all boldness and confidence. The wages of sin are still death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus to all who believe.

Finally, if you are blessed by Connection Magazine, please contact Marc or Janet of Marc's Discount Stores at 216.265.7700 and let them know that you'd like to see Connection Magazine at all 44 Marcs once again. Call and please, keep Connection Magazine in your prayers.

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