Christian Singer Brings Message of Hope to Concert and Theater Stage

by Allie Martin

 Rebecca St. James

(AgapePress) A contemporary Christian recording artist says young people today are searching for a deeper walk and relationship with the Lord. And through powerful performances on the concert stage and beyond, Rebecca St. James ( is offering listeners an invitation to know God's love.

For ten years now, St. James -- through her music -- has spoken to young people about following God and living according to His standards. The 26-year-old Australian says although life on the road has its ups and downs, she views her concerts as more than mere entertainment for her audience.

"The thing I pray for is that they'll have experienced God's hope, and they'll have worshiped and really grown to know how loved and valuable they are to God. If people walk away with that from our concerts, I feel absolutely delighted," she says.

Ten years ago, St. James was a newcomer to Christian contemporary music (CCM). Since then, she has become one of the most successful CCM artists while taking every opportunity to preach Jesus boldly. She says prayer has been the key factor in her success.

"I remember being 14 or 15, starting out, and just knowing that I could not do what I was attempting to do without God's strength. Prayer became the essential to me -- before songwriting, before singing, before going on stage or doing interviews. And that has continued," she says.

St. James says that maintaining a vital prayer life has helped her stay connected to God in the midst of a hectic career. "Without God being in and through what I'm doing, not only would I not have strength, but the power is cut off if I don't rely on Him," she adds.

St. James is currently on tour and will also be appearing later this fall in a lead role in "!Hero"-a touring rock opera musical that is being called "the most innovative production of its kind since Jesus Christ Superstar." She is also featured on the double CD set "!Hero," which is scheduled for release in September.

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