"I anticipate we'll be involved in Iraq in the future. Whether that means two years or four years, I don't know."

-Gen. TOMMY FRANKS, U.S. commander in the Iraq war, trying to dampen speculation that U.S. troops in Iraq will come home soon.

"I'm just looking forward to go to the other world. 'Cause I really hate the way I live now."

-Boxer MIKE TYSON, in an interview with Fox Sports Net's Beyond the Glory, on his troubled life

"It's destroyed me, my marriage, and everything I ever wanted. I felt so guilty."

-British fisherman CLIVE WHITE on lying to the British Fish Record Committee eight years ago about catching a record 36-pound rainbow trout. Mr. White admitted to the committee last month that the fish was already dead when he found it.

"Prison rape is a national disgrace. It can-and must-be stopped. …People who commit serious crimes deserve to be punished. But a prison sentence should never condemn a man or woman to sexual torture."

-Center for Equal Opportunity President LINDA CHAVEZ in a syndicated column in support of the Prison Rape Reduction Act being debated in Congress

"Speak to me, God. Speak to me."

-DON HARDMAN, preaching at First Baptist Church in Forest, Ohio, immediately before being struck by lightning through his microphone. Unhurt, he continued preaching for 20 minutes before discovering that the steeple was on fire.

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