Helping Teens Cope in a Relativistic World

Real answers to today's most perplexing issues

(Del Mar, California) In our mixed-message culture teens are confused about what's right and wrong. Many simply don't know which direction to steer their lives. This comes as little surprise since Hollywood portrays out-of-wedlock sex as normal, homosexuality as just another lifestyle choice and broken families as ordinary. These messages leave many teens feeling disconnected and distraught.

In the past forty years the teen depression and suicide rate has tripled. And temptations for today's teens are greater than at any time in human history. The nuclear family is in disrepair and in some instances being redefined. In a climate of extreme tolerance moral relativism has replaced the Judeo-Christian concept of absolute truth. In A Teen's Guide to Christian Living (Faith Communications), Dr. Bettie Youngs and Jennifer Leigh Youngs provide practical answers to teens looking for a way to make sense of the messages bombarding them daily.

The Youngs are adamant that today's messages to "live and let live" or "do your own thing" just don't work. Instead, these often bring heartache and pain. "You may be unique," say the Youngs, "but you cannot live outside of God's purpose and have true happiness." God's purpose is defined as living according to biblical concepts of right and wrong-ideas that have been under attack. "We live in a world today where it is not considered 'politically correct' to believe that Jesus is both the Son of God and the Son of man. Tolerance is the answer for many. Christianity is viewed as not 'inclusive' enough."

Although A Teen's Guide to Christian Living mainly focuses on helping teens navigate the treacherous rapids of adolescence, they explain how the culture wars perpetuate their struggles. "A generation or two ago, this country had more unified views on major social and moral issues," explain the Youngs. They believe the erosion of Judeo-Christian values has led to confusion in our core values and beliefs as a nation.

In their new book, the Youngs tackle nearly every conceivable issue teens face. They talk about beliefs that set Christianity apart from other world religions, doctrine, relationships, peer-pressure, prayer, truth, love, decision-making and even death. They remind teens that happiness is a temporary state of mind that comes and goes with our circumstances. Yet they explain how following God's reasonable plan leads to a healthier and more contented life.

To schedule an interview with Dr. Bettie Youngs, call Creative Resources @ 800/858-9388 # ISBN # 0-7573-0101-0 $12.95 (Trade Paper, 360 pages

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