Researcher Says Most Christians Lack Biblical Worldview

by Allie Martin

(AgapePress) A Christian researcher is trying to help believers develop and apply a biblical perspective in their daily lives.

George Barna is the founder of Barna Research Group (, a Christian marketing research company located in Ventura, California. Barna says the Church in America is largely ineffective because most believers have not adopted a biblical worldview.

In his new book, Think Like Jesus: Make the Right Decision Every Time (Integrity Publishers, 2003), Barna asserts that most born-again Christians do not live their lives in ways that are distinctly different from how nonbelievers live because they think the same. Instead, he says, many believers try to fit into society at all costs, which taints their behavior and decisions and radically damages their relationship with God.

Barna says most Christians do not understand the basic truths of the Christian faith. "You have to start with a solid foundation, and as you study how Jesus made his choices, He consistently went back to God's core principles. He went back to the scriptures that were available to Him," he says.

The author notes that Jesus Christ taught His disciples to seek guidance for living and making choices in God's Word. "God is truth, and he reveals these things for you so you can make better decisions," he says.

Barna's research indicates that, of the 80 million Americans who claim to be born again, roughly only 7 million of them have a biblical perspective. In Think Like Jesus, he examines guidelines for developing a Christian worldview and letting it change one's way of life.

The researcher points out that there are other steps a Christian can take to live a transformed life. "We found that part of this process has to do with really being in touch with God -- not just knowing His Word but praying and seeking His divine guidance. And it also has to do with being part of a community of believers who will hold you accountable ... that accountability factor is a key element," Barna says.

Barna Research Group has been providing information and analysis concerning Christianity, cultural trends, and the Church since 1984.

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