Legacy Center Receives 12 million Dollar Donation

by Pendra Lee Snyder (CCN-USA)

(Xenia, Ohio) "An indescribable gift" is how Athletes in Action President William Pugh described the 12-million-dollar anonymous donation.

"The magnitude of this miracle gift affirms the original vision for The Legacy Center," said Claude (Bud) Schindler, President of Legacy Ministries International.

Both major ministry leaders chimed in that the gift is the largest single donation in the history of both international organizations, and it will go a long way in the further development of the 253 acre Legacy campus on site of the historical Ohio Veterans' Children's Home in Xenia, Ohio.

The June 23 announcement came after long hours of prayer and discussion with the anonymous donor. Schindler said when he received the call stating the amount was 12-million-dollars tears of joy were flowing all around. "The original plan was to develop a multi-ministry center where unity between organizations could be demonstrated, along with fulfilling the vision of reaching generations for Christ," said Schindler. The donor caught the vision and has designated the gift for construction and renovation on several buildings so that the infrastructure of the campus is ready to handle the anticipated influx of people.

Projects slated for work include: the banquet hall; athletic fields for baseball, softball, soccer and football, tennis and a track; assisted living center; retreat lodge; and the Legacy Village Community Center for the benefit of residents.

According to Pugh, Athletics in Action has never had a facility in its 37-year history that could provide for a reciprocal relationship with teams from other parts of the world. This year, 40 AIA teams will be sent out to 37 countries. Many times those countries, in turn, would like to send their teams to America. Now AIA will be able to accommodate teams on the Legacy Campus, housing, feeding and training as athletes are developing physically and spiritually. Plans are already underway for the Egyptian men's basketball team to stay at Legacy Campus while they train for the Olympics in Greece.

The donation will be divided nearly equally between Athletics in Action and Legacy Ministries International. But that is the only thing that will be divided. "The greater good is for Christian ministries to not compete, but to work together to demonstrate the unity of the body of Christ," said Pugh.

Legacy Center is currently home to nine Christian ministries: Legacy Ministries International. Athletes in Action, Xenia Christian School, Hearts to Honduras, Legacy Village, Legacy Ministries Foundation, Legacy Village Healthcare Facility, WFCJ-FM, and International School Project.

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