Roles Established in Scripture

by Fred Jackson

(AgapePress) A study released last week appears to back the Bible's teaching that God designed men and women to have different roles.

Many Christians still believe that God intends for the husband to go out and work, while the wife stays home to guide the house and take the lead in caring for their children. Those roles, of course, have been greatly challenged in the last two decades, particularly by pro-feminist forces. As a result, society has seen an increase in men becoming "househusbands" and women taking on the role as the family breadwinner.

Now comes word that this departure from God's design may cause serious health problems. A study from the American Heart Association concludes that stay-at-home dads have a greater risk of heart disease and death. In fact, it says men who consider themselves as househusbands most of their adult lives are 82% more likely to have a shorter lifespan than men who work outside the home.

The Washington Times reports the researchers also found that women who work in positions commanding a great deal of authority are three times more likely to have heart disorders than women who do not. Other studies have shown that women who focus on careers also tend to develop health risks such as cigarette smoking.

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