Is It the Devil or Your Diet?

What God is saying about...Cancer, diabetes, asthma, strokes, heart disease, high-blood pressure, arthritis, bronchitis?

by Sharon Johnson

The church was filled to capacity when the visiting evangelist asked for everyone that was sick in their body to stand up if they wanted God to heal them. To my surprise at least 90% of the people stood, including myself. I immediately started to feel embarrassed as I considered my reason for standing. You see, I have had cystic acne all of my adult life and this particular day it was not behaving! Throughout the years, I have reluctantly tried internal and topical medicines to no avail yet, still believing in my heart that the Lord could and would heal me from this very difficult and humiliating disorder.

As I looked around the church, I began to feel sad as I realized that most of the people were more than likely facing some very serious conditions in their bodies. I began to feel that my facial acne was not that big of a deal, especially considering there were several people that were called down to the front who had been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. The evangelist spoke with so much ease about the healing power of God. He was very sensitive to the sick people that he called down to the front for prayer. He appeared to be a man of faith and it was not hard to discern that he knew God and that the Holy Spirit had endowed him with a gift of healing. Needless to say, my faith was revving and I was ready to receive my healing! But, unfortunately, it did not come. My skin became worse after the meeting and for many weeks, and months to follow I began to ask myself did God forget about me! Did the evangelist pray right!! Why do I keep seeing all of these healing lines and no one "really" being healed? And why are so many people of God so sick anyway? Does God really understand our conditions and that we are in need of His assistance?

I began to reflect on the countless people that I know who are afflicted in their bodies with some sort of illness. I began to look at the extreme number of people who are dying in the prime of their lives from heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, kidney failure, and cancer. It is unbelievable!!! I decided that I was going to go back to the dermatologist and try again; anything would be better than the repeated visitors on my face every other morning- if you know what I mean!! But, to my surprise this time the Holy Spirit began to constrain me not to do this. I kept hearing from within, do not seek the physicians!! I began to feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit as I began to ponder the question: how can you pray for the sick when you have not "really" been relying on the Lord yourself for understanding and healing? You say you believe, then why are you running to the doctor yet again? I am by no means suggesting that going to see a doctor is an evil, however, are we really being healed or have we learned to just accept "their" diagnoses and then learn to tolerate our pain by treating it, studying it, pampering it! Heck, let's get rid of it!!! Hallelujah!! The question became very clear - What is God saying about what is happening on the inside of my body? Have I sinned? Have I done anything wrong?

Finally, after months of introspection and prayer, the Lord finally spoke very clear …………GO BACK TO EDEN!!! As I began to meditate on Genesis 1:29, the inspiration of the Lord was this, "in order to maintain, we must go back from where we came!" The Word of God tells us that from the dust of the earth man was created, therefore we need the earth; fresh fruit and vegetables to maintain the frame!!! Our bodies were not created to store garbage and if we do not clean it out we will be sick and afflicted with all types of chronic pain, illnesses and disorders that God says is the result of over-indulgence and neglect! Partly due to ignorance, but mostly from lack of control of our flesh. The word Eden means, delightful or pleasantness. Before the fall of man in the Garden, there was no sickness or sin. Their bodies were kept strong and healthy from a diet of raw fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and herbs. I know some of you are probably thinking right now ( just as I have in times past), here we go again with this healthy, healthy stuff! And please do not mention the fact that it is a proven fact that the body does need at least eight, 8 oz. glasses of water a day. There were many days that I did not want to hear these facts!!! Water! Yuk!! Because you see, I grew up on Kool-Aid and orange-pineapple drink (artificially sweetened), Pepsi, Sprite and Ocean Spray fruit juices. I loved my sugar water! It is a wonder that I have not been sick in the past and full of prescribed medicines myself! By the way, I have never really had to take prescribed medicine for any amount of time except for my acne and for the many times I have had horrific toothaches from all of my gum chewing days. I am to this day still in need of some "serious" dental work from my years of abuse!!! Anyway…….. The Lord took me to the story of a King named Asa who the Word of the Lord tells us was diseased in his feet, but would not seek the Lord, but the physicians (11Chronicles 16:11-13). He died two years later from this disease which started in his feet! You see, King Asa did not die because God did not want to heal him but rather he died because he did not seek the Lord and eventually he died in the prime of life from what was obviously a minor thing in the onset of his illness. Think about it. What was so debilitating in his feet that eventually spread throughout his body and eventually killed him!! It is also interesting to note that King Asa obviously was in much pain, just as most of God's people are today. Many of us are just like Asa, we have medicine cabinets full of over the counter drugs for every ache and pain that is known unto man, however, this is not Gods will for us! Especially considering, the wealth of information that has been tested and proven to work from the natural foods from the earth - Eden that is!

He has established many laws that we call the Laws of the Universe. Many are unseen yet very present. For example, the law of gravity is not seen, but if you jump off a 20-story building we know the outcome will be fatal, and so it is with the Law of Consumption. If we continue to "over consume" the body with anything outside of Eden (fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and water) we are going to eventually develop chronic pain and illnesses, and eventually premature death unless the Lord is gracious enough to give many of us a divine visitation of a healing or miracle, which for many would be awesome! But, the startling reality is that many are being devoured by cancer and struck down by strokes and heart attacks beyond imagination! Therefore, whether it is facial acne, high blood pressure, arthritis, bronchitis, diabetes or cancer, we must know that God has fearfully and wonderfully made our bodies. We cannot continue to violate and break His law and expect Him to heal us when we live for the fried, greasy, over cooked food that we are consuming relentlessly! We cannot imagine life without our ice cream and cookies - and pleeeeeease….. do not let the morning go by without the coffee and the evening without your cheese cake with the cherries on the top; and then we have the nerve to blame the devil and say he is attacking us! How foolish and misguided we have become! However, acknowledging the fact that satan is real and he is able to afflict the flesh, but the realty is this - we have not been taking responsibility for "our" neglect and over-indulgence of "our " bodies!

You see, the life of the flesh "is" in the blood! Butter, ice-cream, manufactured sugars, greasy foods of all kinds and any drinks outside of water violates the original plan of God. Adam and Eve did not have refrigeration nor did they have micro-waves! Adam lived to be 930 years old! Why? Because even after the fall of man, they were still living closer to Eden/the natural way than we are today in 2003. Our arteries are clogged and full of plaque. Our blood is saturated with all types of harmful waste that cannot be eliminated by the body adequately because of the onslaught of over-indulgence and neglect. 70% of Americans are overweight, heart disease and cancer is rampant and more feared than sin itself amongst God's people. Scientist and doctors have more information and prescriptions to give us and test on us than we can keep up with, yet wisdom is crying out to us! IT IS NOT WORKING…….GO BACK TO EDEN!!! GET UNDERSTANDING, IN ALL THY GETTING, GET UNDERSTANDING!

Heart attacks, strokes and cancer is not God's will for any of us!! The Word tells us that His people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge and rejecting it (Hosea 4:6)! Many of us know that we are out of control with our eating habits! We know that we should not indulge certain foods except in moderation, yet we reject the overwhelming facts on fresh fruit, vegetables and water!!! Gluttony "is" sin and so is neglecting God's provision for our health and well being when we know that it is the right way. You see, my problem was not my skin and it certainly was not God's way of punishing me or ignoring my petition for healing. It was not something that "runs" in my family as I was once told by a doctor. How many times have we all heard and believed that one? If you have a poor diet like your father, and your grandfather, who both died from diabetes or heart attack, and you continue to eat just as poorly as they did, yes, you are likely to die prematurely from the same things that they did. We eat the way we are taught to eat, whether it be good or bad! Ignorance, over-indulgence and neglecting God's natural provision for my body is why I had been struggling for so long. Not to mention, the fact that I have been a sugarholic all of my life! There was always sugar in my house of some kind! I could chew a pack of Bazooka bubble gum all day and not blink. And oh' how I loved my Butterfinger and Cracker Jack's!

You see, like myself there are multitudes of God's people that ignore the truth about food and water. We ignore the pain or discomfort that we have been tolerating for years. We want the blessing of the Lord. We want to be healed, we want to look beautiful and feel great, but we do not want to give up the thing that is in our hand, or should I say the thing that is in our mouth - FOOD! The Word of the Lord says that after you have done all to stand, stand! Many of us have not done all that we should do, that we may be able to stand and really believe God for a healing or miracle in our physical body. The Lord says most of the sickness in the Body of Christ is from sin and neglect! It is only by His grace that many of us have not died! However, many have lost loved ones to these afflictions and we can honor their memory by picking up our cross and beginning our journey back to Eden before it is too late. Is God still healing? YES HE IS!! Is God heartbroken that we continuously tempt Him with our over-indulgence and neglect? YES HE IS!! Does He still love us? YES HE DOES!!!

You might be asking, where do we go from here? BACK TO THE ALTAR! That is where we must go. We need to tell God sorry for abusing our temples. We must stop with the Tylenol already!!! We must stop popping antacids and taking decongestives and laxatives and realize we are full of waste that our body is trying to get rid of via pain and discomfort to let us know that it needs EDEN to clean it out and make it whole!!! We must stop fooling ourselves by taking vitamins and herbal supplements, yet we still eat and drink the same as we have in the past. The word supplement means additive. You are to add vitamins and herbal supplements to your already healthy diet - not our "dead" junk food diet!!

You ask the question, what am I to do if I am already sick and on several medications? YOU MUST begin to educate yourself on your condition and then find out what fruits and vegetables from Eden will cleanse it and restore your internal organs that are under attack from the waste that has not been properly eliminated from your body. The Lord says that fruit and vegetables are what soap is to the external body. Too much soap without water can be very sticky and to much water without soap cannot cleanse anything! Many of us need the inside of our house cleaned out!!! Has any of what you have been doing really healed you yet???

Medicine continues to pollute the liver, kidneys and the blood and silences the voice of pain which is God's natural way of telling us that something is wrong. When ignored or silenced by manufactured drugs for prolonged periods of time - sickness and disease "is" eventually inevitable! Think about this, most prescribed medicines come with an array of side effects that can add more dirt/affliction to your body. We risk becoming more afflicted/dirty on the inside every time we take a "MAN"ufactured drug for long periods of time. "MAN" cannot heal us! Think about it, your symptoms may go away, but where did they come from in the first place? What is the source of our pain and discomfort! If you do not kill the root, it will continue to bare its fruit again, sooner or later it will grow again!!!

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, high blood pressure or cholesterol, arthritis, bronchitis, ulcers, migraine headaches, diabetes, lupus or any other chronic illness as well as if you struggle with losing weight, and you know that you are ready to go back to Eden; it is imperative that you contact me by email: that I may share with you some very simplified information that will inspire, enlighten, and educate you as well as provoke you to conquer the FOOD addictions that are in your life - you will never be the same!! No more "diets" and counting calories!!! No more "diet" pills and by all means no more over the counter drugs. THE WEIGHT WILL COME OFF and more importantly you will be a healthy vessel, ready and fit for the Master's use! THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU! There is hope!! Cancer and Heart Disease is nothing to fear, says the Lord!! We must get understanding about our body and food. Let's Give our God "all" the Glory by going Back to Eden. Our healing "is" in the Garden!

By the way, my skin is doing quite well these days. I have learned to love drinking water as well as to appreciate its purpose in helping me to keep the inside of my house clean. The journey has been long and difficult at times. Let's face it - food is good and old habits die hard!! God does not mind our eating meat. He does not mind our eating ice-cream, cookies and candy bars! But if these foods are not consumed in moderation vs. the Garden as our primary source of consumption, we are going to continue to have some serious problems. I wrestle with its temptations daily, just as you will in your journey back to Eden. BUT, remember this: Pain is our friend - it is letting us know that we need to change! You must have understanding and a made up mind and then you "must" become your own best friend, your own personal "cheerleader" knowing that YOU CAN DO IT in the Name of Jesus Christ who will strengthen you!! We only get one shot at this thing - ONE!

"THE POWER OF THE BLOOD" An illustrated sermon which reveals the 7 Stages that lead to physical and spiritual sickness and what causes the onslaught of most disease Contact Sister Sharon Johnson at: (216) 797 4247 Be Encouraged! Your Best is Yet to Come!!

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