The Awakening Worship Experience Series in Olmsted Falls

by Elizabeth Rattray

Heaven isn't the only place to glimpse the unified church. The WorldView Community Church (WVCC) in Olmsted Falls, Ohio has launched a vision that bridges multiple communications of faith in Jesus Christ. Bruce Farley, who serves as Event Coordinator/Resource Director for WVCC, sums it up as fulfilling "a great responsibility of stewardship" over the facility God has built through them. Visitors take a scenic journey through peaceful woods on a path that ends beholdingly at a structure designed to draw people into "a fresh worship experience."

The initial vision for the project was that of WVCC Senior Pastor, Ken Roberts. He was away celebrating his twenty fifth wedding anniversary at the time of the Connection interview. Bruce and Pastor Chet Fahrmeier spoke on behalf of the team. Farley says of WVCC, "We have roots in drama and music", explaining that "We've always been committed to the unity of the body of Christ, bringing together different expressions of faith." Worship is definitely at the heart of WVCC history.

The plan is to hold worship events every eight to ten weeks in a series called 'The Awakening Worship Experience'. The first series took form on Saturday night, October 4th, 2003 with the Parachute Band from New Zealand. In prayer preceding the event, the artists offered their talents to serve God's purpose for the evening. As often happens to those who seek to draw near to Christ, attacks came from 'the enemy', this time in physical form. Two Parachute Band mates spent much of the day at the hospital, suffering from symptoms of fatigue and dehydration. With hopes of privy to a glimpse of God coming in a fresh way to all attendees, the band took the stage at 7:10 p.m.

The new WVCC facility which houses a magnificent sanctuary and several training rooms, is on the way to fulfilling the purpose of its architectural design. The sanctuary has no pews or stained glass images. Instead, an enormous yet warm theater style room with comfortable seats, adjustable lighting and an amazing sound system composes the venue. If response in the opening celebration is any indication, it is fortunate WVCC also holds regular church service there, or the chairs might never be noticed. In faithful fashion, before a gathering of about 750 people, the Holy Spirit could not be quenched.

While "evangelism is not the primary focus" Fahrmeier says, "We want to remain open to that" if they sense a need for an altar call. When asked how the word will spread he adds "I think there are several things that (Christian) churches come together on, and worship is one of them." Bruce Farley advises that their passion for unity will spread "through Christian media like The Fish, Connection Magazine and church groups." Plans are underway to escort new and fresh worship through recording artist like Matt Redmon, Tim Hughes and Delirious in future series dates. Farley confided, "We're believing God that this generation will be impacted to worship."

A host of volunteers combine talents to facilitate the success of the project. WVCC church members serve to organize, usher, take tickets, and handle sound and other technical needs. It is simple to join in upcoming Awakenings by calling the WVCC church office at 440-427-7700, to get your church group on the email list.

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