Project Gets Teens to Smuggle Bibles Into Public Schools - Legally

by Jim Brown

(AgapePress) An annual back-to-school campaign seeks to reach thousands of youth in America's public schools with the gospel.

American Family Radio ( and Revival Fires Ministries have kicked off "Truth for Youth Revival Week." ( Lead organizer Tim Todd says the ministries are providing The Truth for Youth Bible to all Christian teenagers who will commit to give the free Bibles to their unsaved friends in school.

Todd says through this project, more than 100,000 copies of the Bible have been given away in the last two years.

The Truth for Youth Bible includes the entire New Testament plus full-color comics dealing with contemporary issues facing teenagers. The campaign to distribute the Bibles is being hailed as an effort to restore religious freedoms in America's public schools.

"It is not legal for me as an adult to give Bibles away in school, but it is legal for teenagers, " Todd explains. The campaign spokesman says his group had the students' legal rights printed on the back cover of the Bible, particularly highlighting one point.

"We put in bold number four, because it says that our young people have the right to distribute Bibles on campus during non-instructional time," he says.

Todd cites "the liberal agenda of homosexuality, premarital sex, abortion and evolution that is aggressively being promoted in our public schools" as the reason for this large-scale effort to smuggle God's Word into the schools.

"We're seeing young people get saved as a result of it, and we thank God for it," he says.

Todd also notes that last year, 48 young people sent e-mails or letters to "Truth for Youth" confirming that they had surrendered their hearts to Christ as a result of the project.

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