Dear God!

Gail Ramsey

Dear God!

      How long must I wait for your promises and prophetic words to come to pass in my life?! Have I missed it?

Dear Waiter,

      Your father Abraham waited a long time before he saw God's promise come to pass. Sarah, on the other hand, became impatient and sent Abraham into Hagar. The result was disaster!

      The main reason many people give up on God's perfect plan for their lives, or, Plan A, is because they become impatient and begin to develop a Plan B. They want to follow God's plan, but they want to do it NOW, IMMEDIATELY. We live in a fast-paced world. We are the microwave generation, and we expect microwave miracles. But God is not concerned about time. Be patient. "Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31) He is Faithful!

Dear God!

      I believe that God has called me to sing. The problem is, I am not a very good singer. My friends criticize me a lot. I don't know what to do.

Dear Singer,

      God's opinion of you makes man's opinion irrelevant.

      The world is filled with critics! Don't listen. If God has called you to do something, He will provide the gifts, talents, and supports that you need to succeed. He will work through you to accomplish His purpose in your life. Surely Abraham and Sarah received a lot of criticism when God called them to bear a child at ages 100 and 90! But Abraham believed God and did not waiver at His promise through unbelief; because he was convinced that what God had promised He was also able to perform. (See Romans 4:20&21)

      Let's take a look at a more current example. The great comedienne, Lucille Ball, was told early in her career by a movie producer that she had "absolutely no acting talent" and should forget about being in show business. Fortunately, she was not stopped by the opinions of man; and those of us who have enjoyed her incredible performances on The I Love Lucy Show for the past several decades are very grateful.

      Another great example of a man who chose to believe in the gift and calling God had placed inside of him was Ludwig Von Beethoven. When he was a boy his piano teacher told him that he had no musical ability whatsoever, and even called him "hopeless". But God had a plan for that boy's life! And, "what He had promised, He was also able to perform" (Romans 4:21) Don't give up! Only believe, and practice, practice, practice; so that when God opens that door, you are ready to walk through it BOLDLY!

Gail Ramsey, an ordained minister, portrayed the role of Susan Moore on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. She had other roles on the TV programs Mike Hammer, Generations and California Dreams. Today, Ramsey leads Semeion Ministries, where readers can write her at P.O. Box 77, Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43063.