Delirious: The 'Glo' Experience Comes to Cleveland

Are you ready to GLO?

       Although the band Delirious was born in January 1996, the extraordinary story of these five musicians began eight years ago in Littlehampton, a quiet little seaside town on the south coast of England. In an effort to reach a generation of British youth that seemed to be growing up without much hope and without much time for the church, the Arun Community Church started a monthly outreach service called 'Cutting Edge'. The band's lead singer Martin Smith wrote new music for each of the gatherings, and when he and drummer Stewart Smith and keyboard player Tim Jupp had accumulated six songs, they decided to record a demo. "We just wanted to give kids something to take home with them." In 1995 bassist Jon Thatcher and guitarist Stuart Garrard (Stu G) joined the fold. "In the 'Cutting Edge' events and the songs we were sharing, we were telling the kids not to hold their faith inside the four walls of the church, but to take it outside and share it with the world, Stu G explains.

       These days, the audience for a Delirious concert number in the thousands. Their songs, including "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever", "Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?", "Gravity", "Deeper", and "History Maker", are played on Christian and mainstream radio stations and are sung in churches around the world. Not only has their latest album 'Glo' sold impressively since its US release last October, but it has spent serious time at the top of the CCM charts in most territories worldwide, including 22 weeks in the UK and 7weeks in Australia.

        "The kids have really adopted us as one of their bands," Tim enthuses. "There's been a hunger in England for God. Our audience is very mixed now, with different people accessing the band on different levels some just enjoying the music, some coming because they know they can experience God. For us that is an incredible thing, and we're just a small part of it." Lead singer and songwriter Martin Smith suggests "I think we're still that little worship band that we were eight years ago. We're trying to reflect God in all that we're doing, how God is in all the parts of our lives."

       Martin relates "We're all trying to walk the walk, the Christian life", explains Martin Smith. "The best we know how, as passionately as we know how, with as much integrity as we know how." That determination appears to be coming through loud and clear. Stu G says "We've had people tell us that there's an inspiration in our music, similar to what they've heard in U2's music, and they want to know what it is. That's the impact we've longed to have."

       The next step for the band is a 17-date tour of North America in April. This is going to be one of the most densely packed, inspirational experiences the British five-piece have ever been involved in. If previous experience is anything to go by the band and concertgoers have a lot to look forward to. Over the past 9 months road tests of the new material have returned some impressive results. Crowds have gone wild for the 'Glo' Experience: one that welds together inventive, modern pop/rock with the most intimate of worship. For all the members of the band, getting out there and hand-delivering The 'Glo' Experience is at the heart of what they're called to. But as anyone knows who has seen them live, it's Jesus who's the main attraction. What makes this tour so special is that he seems to have turned his amp up a little this time around.

       Delirious appears live in concert in Cleveland on Thursday, April 26, 2001. They will perform at The State Theater at the Playhouse Square Center; 1519 Euclid Ave; Cleveland, Ohio 44115. Show time is 8:00pm. Chris Tomlin of the Passion Events performs also. For ticket info, call (800)766-6048 or visit outlets.