by Ben Kinchlow

       There is an interesting phenomenon afoot in the world today. This phenomenon is the wholesale abandonment of the principles outlined in the Scriptures. It began earlier in some of the more "civilized" countries, such as England and France, but only more recently spread to the "less civilized" shores of the Americas. Someone has said that the great difference between the mineral and resource-rich southern hemisphere of the Americas, and the less mineral-rich but more powerful neighbor to the north (the United States) is that people went to the southern hemisphere looking for gold, and to the northern hemisphere looking for God.

       Without prejudice, it is manifestly obvious to even the casual observer that the ultimate solution for lasting national peace, power, and prosperity is the result of the search for God.

       Today, many "leaders" have determined that adherence to the Bible is dangerous to our society, and they strive to eliminate the principles, teachings, and, unfortunately, the results of Biblical morality from our society, in order to "protect us".

       There is a great deal of rancor evident in our society and most especially manifest in the confirmation hearings taking place in Washington. Most of this rancor is aimed at people who have "strong moral convictions". Apparently, one can have strong convictions, as long as they are immoral. However, if those convictions are of a moral nature, and more particularly if they are faith-based and specifically if they are Christian in nature, they somehow threaten an individual's ability to perform a government function. This wholesale abandonment of Biblical principles shows up not only in Washington, but on the streets of thousands of other towns you can name where people are rude to each other, and where children show market disrespect for adults. There seems to be in our society a marked decrease in civility. It no longer seems possible to have "good natured disagreements". People now resort to violence, name calling, pushing, shoving, and in some extreme cases, actual physical violence, sometimes resulting in death. Is it possible? Could it be that the anti-God propaganda has actually begun to remove the golden rule from our hearts, and subsequently from society at large?

       This may be a good time to reflect that this nation was founded on Biblical principles, and in spite of the fact that we have had some marks entered into history's journal against America, these marks are starkly entered alongside elements where Biblical principles were ignored.

       The greatness of America lies not in its economic engines, or its isolated position on the map, nor yet in the fact that a war (minus the Civil War) has never been fought on our shores. America's greatness does not lie in its preeminent position as a military power, or as an economic colossus that stands astride the stock markets of the world.

       The essence of America's greatness lies secreted in its people. It is the continued adherence to even unarticulated Biblical principles that has caused America to rise to its position of preeminence.

       We don't settle our disagreements with riots, insurrections, or a coup d'e.tat, because those underlying principles of the Prince of Peace are part and parcel of the cultural reality that is American and Western Civilization. Proof of our commitment to these principles is the inauguration of George W. Bush as 43rd President of the United States.

       So where do we go from here? As good citizens ... "First of all, petitions, prayers, intercession, and giving of thanks on behalf of all... who are in positions of authority and high responsibility, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all Godliness and honesty, for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior. (1Timothy 2:1-3, paraphrase)