By John Hanna

       In this months issue you'll discover that there are several scripture boxes, which speak of God's ability and willingness to heal you. According to the Bible, God desires to heal all of us. Psalm 103:1-4

       I realize that there are some religious demons getting stirred up right about now but that doesn't change God's word. I am bound to share the powerful, life changing, life giving words of God with those who have great faith, little faith or no faith at all.

       The Bible says that it's impossible to please God without faith. There are also many references indicating that, when Jesus healed people, He said, "Thy faith has made thee whole". (Luke 8:48)

       Now, I know people who seemed to have had faith in God yet were destroyed by sickness and disease rather than live to a healthy, ripe old age and die peacefully in their sleep. But remember God's word, which says, 'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge'. It's not God's will for anyone to be destroyed. Yet when it happens many claim, 'It was God's will'. (2 Peter 3:9)

       I submit to you that rather than indict the word of God as uncertain or impossible to discern, we should indict ourselves and examine our hearts and our faith in light of God's word.

       Keep these two points in mind; that the devil came to rob, kill and destroy, and that Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.

       The devil uses weapons such as fear, doubt and unbelief to paralyze, conquer and eventually destroy his victims.

       Jesus empowers us with faith and the promises found in His word to bring us healing, deliverance and salvation.

       Remember, God's word indicates that the life that indulges in sin can't partake in God's plan of healing. Now, fear, doubt and unbelief are sins that are killing many.

       Some preachers claim "It was God's will", when someone is destroyed by cancer or some other destructive disease. Compared to God's word, their message is birthed in the womb of ignorance or unbelief. It speaks loudly that they are uncertain of God's will or His ability to heal. The key is to know God, and His will better and that happens through prayer and Bible study.

       Some believe that God desires to bring destruction on us. However, throughout the old and New Testament there are many scriptures that reveal God's willingness and ability to heal disease and infirmity. It's not His will to destroy anyone or for anyone to go to hell, yet people choose to believe what they want to and reap the results of their choices. (John 12:37-40)

       If you claim to be a Christian and are destroyed by sickness or disease you've either become a poster child for the devil, declaring that God is unable or unwilling to heal or, on the other hand, a person who somehow didn't line up with God's perfect will. (Matt. 13:54&58)

       You need to know that He wants to heal you from that which would destroy you. He wants you to be blessed so that you can be the blessing He instructs you to be.

       God is looking for a faithful witness who will bring Him glory, who will testify of His power and love. One who will testify of His ability to save and deliver?

       God has heard your cry, It's time for you to give up that sickness, that disease that threatens to destroy you. God created you for His glory. Rise and shine for the glory of God is upon you.

       Give Him praise! Give Him glory! Give Him thanks! Go ahead and shout!!! James 5:15&16