Stand Up For Truth

       I heard that some Democrats are concerned about some comments made by John Ashcroft. He said in a 1998 speech that this country was founded by Christians and that Jesus is the only King. Wow what a radical, hate speech statement right? Yes, this country was founded by Christians and yes, Jesus is King. What has happened to the Democratic Party?

       I was very angry when the media slammed Bush for saying the J word, but this is far worse. Are we a radically hate speaking people to say that Jesus is King and that Abortion is the Murder of a baby? How dare us or J. Ashcroft for thinking such thoughts. I am truly amazed of what's happening to the world today and how it relates to Jesus' return (opps another hate fearing remark). I can truly say that I love Jesus and I'm thankful for people (that stand up for truth).

       Scott Gregory

Thanks For The Magazine!

       I was listening to the radio on my way home from work the other day and heard you on the (Christian) station. I was very inspired by your broadcast so I stopped on my way home to get your magazine at Giant Eagle.

       I have a great desire to have Jesus Christ in my life right now. I have asked Jesus to forgive all my sins, and take Him as my personal savior.

       Thanks for the magazine. The articles are great and help in many ways.

       B. Smithberger

We Read It Too

       Hello my name is Olyesya Lavrishin and I am 13 years old. I love to read Connection Magazine. I am the 5th child of 7 and all of my brothers and sisters read the Connection Magazine.

       Your articles touched my heart and I pray for you ministries. God Bless