Response from the Editor - I Apologize


      Thanks for sharing your concern regarding the editorial I wrote in the February issue titled 'Jesus Heals'. I am sorry and I humbly apologize for the remark that anyone could possibly be a poster child for the devil. I realize that the statement might have been misconstrued.

      However, by sharing Bible verses, such as James 5:15, that reveal God's power and plan to heal sickness and disease, I was trying to encourage our readership to expect God to heal all sickness and all disease, especially those who are currently being beat up by satan.

      Imagine how bad they would feel if someone inferred God sent their sickness or that God won't or can't heal them.

      The Bible indicates that it is God's will for a believer to be healed of sickness and disease, and I realize that there are fellow Christians who don't understand nor do they believe that.

      Recently, several Christians became angry with me when I told them that God desires to heal believers of all sickness and disease. After praying to God about the issue, He led me to a verse in Psalms, which confirmed that I should write about healing.

      Regarding Job's friends, they were guilty of accusing Job of sinning as the reason for his sickness. While sin does invite sickness, we know from scripture that Job was upright and blameless in God's sight, yet he was attacked with disease.

      If you recall, the scripture in James 5 says 'God will heal the sick' and 'if' he has committed sins he will be forgiven. The emphasis is on the word 'if'. Also, although Job was attacked with disease, he also was healed by God.

      Finally, you mention Joni Erickson-Tada as an argument for God sending sickness or allowing a believer to be destroyed by disease. However, her situation is not a sickness nor is it a disease. She is paralyzed as a result of an accident that threatened to take her life, yet God spared her life and she gives Him all the glory and thanks for that. While I also believe that God can miraculously heal her, and still might, she claims that God wants her to live as a paraplegic to bring Him more glory, and she does.

      I hope this answers your concerns and I know that God's Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth. Praise Jesus!

      Rev. Jon Hanna, editor