letter 2 editor


      I read your magazine religiously and enjoy many fine articles. I've been tempted to write many times, but have never found the time until now. I read your editorial "Jesus Heals" and was immediately appalled by your lack of understanding. In the book of Job, Job's "friends" made the same kind of assertions you make in your editorial and they were immediately CONDEMNED by God.

      Was Job a "poster child for the devil? Is Joni-Tada-Erickson somehow out of God's will? (She is still confined to a wheelchair). Jesus suffered bloody torture and was crucified...was He out of God's will? Thousands of babies die horrible deaths (before they reach the age of accountability.) Are they out of God's will?

      While it's definitely true that Jesus does heal, your assertions are blatantly absurd and damaging to the body of Christ. Christians of your like are the only army in the world that shoot it's own wounded. You take one of God's truths and stretch it out of all proportion. My Bible says that if we are true followers of Christ we will suffer all manner of trials and persecution, but that the Lord will deliver us, either in this world or the next.

      There are hundreds of people who read your magazine in N.E. Ohio hospitals this week, who are now beating themselves up because of your insipid, inaccurate editorial. You owe them a profound, heartfelt apology.

      I doubt that anything I say here will affect you, but I will pray that God removes the blinders of your denial and allow you to truly begin to minister to the body of Christ in Spirit and in truth.

       - Gary N.
Somewhere in Northeast Ohio