Cavs Chucky Brown

       For Cleveland Cavaliers' Chucky Brown, his life is parallel to the Apostle Paul. Both are the kings of travel. In the New Testament, Paul went from city to city preaching about the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the NBA, Brown has gone from team to team and he is also ministering about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

       Brown chuckled after he was told that he is like Paul. "That's great. Yeah, I am the most traveled man in the NBA."

       Brown, 33, has been on ten different NBA teams. No one in the 50-plus-year history of the NBA has been on more teams. The Cavs first drafted Brown in 1989.

       However, the road for Brown, who is finishing his 12th NBA season, might not be over. The Cavs have not said what they are going to do with Brown after the season. But in the meantime, Brown is going to sit back and enjoy his time with his wife and his first newborn baby.

       Isabella Maria Brown was born on January 4th of this year, and it was a time that Brown prayed that he would be with his wife Melanie. "No doubt in my mind that the Lord worked out that situation. I did not want to leave my wife alone. So my phone never rang in November (which is the start of the NBA season) or in December and the beginning part of January. Then Melanie had the baby, I cut the umbilical cord. Then, just a week later, my phone rang and it was the Golden State Warriors on the other line. I just gave God some praise."

       Brown would sign two, 10-day contracts before coming back to his basketball roots. The Cavs signed Brown to a 10-day contract on January 29 and another one on February 8. Then on the 22nd of February, the Cavs signed Brown for the remainder of the season.

       Brown's parents laid down the law at an early age. He is really thankful for that. "Growing up in Manhattan (New York) was not the prettiest place. We had all kinds of crime like other cities. We had gangs, but I was very fortunate to have both of my parents to guide me. Their guidance has brought me along way. I call them up and they would read some scriptures to me that would increase my faith even more. Respecting authority has brought me along way. That is how I have stayed in the league."

       Most NBA teams would sign a person like Brown to add the state of maturity to the team. Brown talks to many of the rookies and young players in the NBA about the Lord and life.

        "For the first time, the NBA has invited me to speak at the NBA's Rookie Seminar. I talked to rookies like New Jersey Nets; Kenyon Martin and Los Angles Clippers Darius Miles. One day we were playing the Nets and I pulled Martin to the side and had a chat with him. The local media is just pounding him with harsh words. I just gave him good advice to just go out there and play your best and don't even read the local paper.

       Before each and every game Chucky Brown along with other Cavs; players Vernell, Bimbo, Coles and Anthony Johnson attend NBA Chapel. When he was told what New York Knicks; head coach Jeff Van Gundy said about NBA Chapel, he was upset.

       According to reporter Chris Smith, Van Gundy said in an interview on April 5 that the two worst things to happen in the NBA were God and golf. He complained that they let a preacher into our locker room; spending as much time as he wants with our players before games. Van Gundy asked "Now, do people in offices have preachers coming into their place of business, interrupting their work?" Van Gundy then went on to say, he thinks the interaction between people before games, opposing sides, the fraternization, is wrong for the league, it's wrong for competition. Everybody is hugging before games, praying together.

       Brown response was, God got him that job. "And as far as office workers, we are not office workers. We do not have a 9 to 5 shift. Prayer is needed every where."

       On a lighter note, Brown's favorite book of the Bible is Job. "God took things away from Job, but Job did not complain. Because of that, God gave him more than he took away."

       Being a role player in the NBA has its merits. Sometimes you can find gold. In 1995, Brown found gold via a gold NBA Championship ring. He was a member of the Houston Rockets team that swept Shaquille O'Neal and the Orlando Magic in the NBA Championship. "Back then, that was the best thing that happen in my life. Many players come to this league seeking the top prize of the game. Many don't find it."

       So Brown is not worried where God is going to send him. He is not worried at all, because his faith in God has brought him this far, God will lead him all the way.