News Briefs 2

       Porn Under Pressure

        (AgapePress) - Pro-family activists in one Indiana City are helping take hundreds of porn videos out of circulation.

       When Donna Gentry learned that a video rental store in Washington, Indiana was liquidating its inventory, she wanted to be sure the X-rated videos did not make their way into the community. She realized this could be an opportunity to make a statement about adult videos.

        "We bought those tapes ... to get them out of the children's hands, and also we wanted to make a public statement that what's in these porn tapes is very destructive and very addictive," Gentry said. "So we planned a smashing party."

       Gentry, along with other concerned Christians, raised $3,000 to buy nearly 300 pornographic videos - which were then crushed by an asphalt-paving roller at a public rally.

        "An asphalt business in town ... loaned us their asphalt roller," she said. "We just held a rally and smashed those porn tapes."

       Gentry credits the efforts of her group of "church ladies."

        "Our group ... consists of [what some people called] 'church ladies,' but we're all from different denominations," she says, "and we go from lawyers ... to somebody who can only give five dollars. But we all joined together."

       Now Gentry is trying to raise enough money to buy the rest of the stores X-rated tapes, which will also be destroyed.