Pam Thum

       Following the creation of heaven and the earth, God separated the light from the darkness. Likewise, the Gospel of Matthew teaches Christians they represent the light of the world. In her song, "Let There Be Light," Pam Thum urges believers to put their faith into action and become points of light for those who need Christ and His message.

        "It's a very assertive song," Pam said. "God has a destiny for all of us that he has ordained, one of our destinies in a very general sense is that wherever there is darkness we bring the light. Wherever there is hatred we bring the love, wherever there is hopelessness we bring the faith. Wherever there needs to be healing, we bring the restoration of God."

       The three-time Dove Award nominee learned to share the gospel from her earliest days. Her evangelist parents, Bruce and Ruth Thum, traversed the country with their dramatic production, Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames.

       With their encouragement, the dark-haired singer began performing before audiences as a preschooler. These early experiences fueled Thum's desire to communicate her faith through music.

        "I recently saw some videotapes of me when I was on TV with my parents when I was 3-and-a-half years old," she said. "It was really cool because my family wasn't like a show family"

        "I think for me that (singing) was just another way to talk about Jesus," Pam continued. "Growing up I realized that songwriting was something I could convey my heart with."

       At age 16, the artist who has produced five CDs and four number-one singles committed her life to Christian ministry through song and voice. In 1987, Dayspring Records offered Thum a songwriting contract after Trace Baline recorded her composition, "We Are An Army."

       Five years later, Benson Records inked Pam to a recording deal, and she released her self-titled album in 1993. Her initial release garnered tremendous praise and accolades with one cut, "If Ever There Was Love," topping the charts and five more hitting the top ten.

       Even greater recognition for the singer's talent arrived via the international scene. Her CD aired on pop stations in South Africa, and Joy!, one of the country's Christian publications, named Thum, Best international Female Artist of the Year. On her first visit to the turmoiled nation, the populace greeted her in superstar style.

        "I was totally unprepared for walking off the plane there," she said. "People were throwing flowers at me and I'm like 'Who in the world are they doing this for?'"

        "It was wonderful to have that platform, to convey my heart and just introduce them to the presence of Jesus," she added. "Just to know that my music is out there makes me feel good because I love South Africa and have a real heart for it."

       Pam followed her first release with Faithful (1994), Feel the Healing (1996), and Believer (1997). Three singles from Feel the Healing; "Come Home," "In the Middle of It All," and "Life Is Hard (God Is Good)," reached number one with the last remaining in the top position for four consecutive weeks.

       In Let There Be..., Thum's latest CD released in June 2000, she intensifies her efforts for Christians to make an impact in the world. Her song, "Let There Be Light," authored by producer and now husband, Steven Marshall, displays a joyous yet aggressive attitude toward recognizing God's goodness and presence.

        "I see God moving a big way, and whole towns are being shaken by the expectancy in people's hearts," Pam says. "The song is a trumpet call for Christians to get off the couch and don't go back to sleep. It's time to teach people that God brings joy and happiness and doesn't leave room for bitterness and hatred."

       Through her ministries of singing, composing, and writing, Pam strives to be a communicator. She fully senses each listener's pain and rejoices when someone finds solace and comfort in her performance.

        "Proverbs 18:21 states we have the power of life and death in our tongues," the versatile artist says, "and we must become conscious of that fact. Our spoken words can literally change our feelings and reactions to many situations. Sometimes I haven't felt peace or joy or tenderness, but like David, I've learned to talk to my soul-my emotions, my mind and my heart-and command them to bless the Lord."