Local CCM

       It has been over two years since a Contemporary Christian Music radio station broadcast inside the greater Cleveland area, but with the benefit of cyberspace, the popular form of Christian music can be heard on the Internet.

       Dan Beeman saw the need to reach out to today's younger generation. Thanks to modern technology, Beeman, general manager and founder of ClevelandChristianRadio.com, took advantage of the opportunity.

        "I feel that young adults have turned their attention towards computer technology rather than listen to the more traditional forms of music entertainment like the radio or tapes. I feel that with the times changing, you need to reach them on their level. We will not get their attention unless we reach out to them using the methods that they too are using."

       ClevelandChristianRadio.com is a 24hr. contemporary Christian musical web site better known as a cyber station. The Cyber station features a music library of 160 different songs that are played on a regular rotation much like a standard radio station. The songs, dating back as far as 1998, are updated on a regular basis allowing for the addition of the latest music to hit the charts.

       This web site also features a current list of the week's top 40 songs in Contemporary Christian Music. There is a Christian fellowship chat room for those people who would like to converse with others who share the same belief in Jesus. There is also a calendar of coming events that keep you apprised of musical happenings around the area and there is also a song request line that allows you to request your favorite music to be played on the sight.

       Beeman first came up with the idea for the 24 hour cyber station after reading an on line trade magazine article that spoke of a man from Phoenix, Arizona who was running five different stations like this one in his own home town. Beeman contacted this gentleman and they soon shared their ideas with each other.

        "I had always dreamed of owning and operating a radio station but I didn't have the millions necessary to purchase a broadcast facility. The reasonable cost of the equipment that is needed to run a web site was more attainable for me."

        "Our goal at ClevelandChristianRadio.com is to continually assess the listening needs and the desires of our communities." Beeman's plan is to eventually add new Christian music formats to the cyber station based on what the Christian community wants to hear.

        "We plan to keep adding to our web site and eventually plan to include styles like Praise and Worship music, Gospel Music, and a host of others. Another plan is to add links to other Christian web sites

        "Ultimately, our aim is to offer one-stop listening for Christian music fans not just for the Northeast Ohio area but also the entire world and in doing so, all the earth can sing the Lord's praises by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music."

       The station has been online since April of this year. Interested people who wish to find out more about this format and web site can log on to the site at WWW.ClevelandChristianRadio.com