Russian Band

       Drusjki (pronounced droo-shkee') means "pals or "buddies", and they are just that! Highly animated, audience oriented, and entertaining, Drusjki mixes humor with music, while simultaneously seriously ministering and spreading the news that Jesus saves!

       Gera (George) Alexeyeve, the groups leader, was a pastor of a church until it was clear that the group's ministry, recordings and traveling would be the drive behind the mission. Together for 11 years, the group is growing and changing through an astounding metamorphosis.

       Based out of St. Petersburg, Russia and officially formed in 1989, it wasn't until 1991 that Jesus Christ laid hold of their lives and music. Nikolai Skuch-enkov, who sings as well as plays guitar and bass, began to see Jesus in his dreams! Touring all over Russia, the CIS, and parts of Europe, the group is involved in music fests with other famous groups, Christian and non-Christian alike, and actively ministers in prisons, drug rehabs, and church concerts.

       Their early recording, all of which were received very well by critics, show an underlying theme of jazz, rhythm and blues and pop with a lot of experimentation. Their heavier rock theme blasted its way into the "October 10" CD, produced in 1997-1998, followed with their "GO FLY" CD, produced in 2000. "GO FLY" showcases a cool mix of rock, pop, and rap. Drusjki's music is a case of "East meets West." Although Western rock influence has been strong in Russia for nearly 30 years, the group's unique style is melded and bred from, their own life experiences as people of the USSR (now the Russian Federation). Wars, fear, uncertainty and tumultuous changes in their government are all a part of their existence there. Get in touch with the group at Download 4 of Drusjki's songs at Click on "English" and follow the links at the bottom of the screen.