Journal Entry

       For quite a while I'd been noticing a boy [in school] who was always alone. He's a special needs student - has a bunch of physical disabilities that make life complicated for him. Other kids acted like he was invisible. I decided that had to change.

       I'd been saying "hi" to him in the halls and speaking to him at lunch, but I wondered if he'd ever been on a date.

        "Jim, have you ever had a date?" I asked.

        "No," he said, embarrassed.

        "Well, would you have dinner and go to a movie with me?"

       His whole face lit up. I was afraid he was going to lose his balance and fall over in the hall. We didn't set it up right then. But we have a date coming up - it felt good to do something so simple for someone.

       -Rachel Scott in The Journals of Rachel Scott: A Journey of Faith at Columbine High adapted by Beth Nimmo and Debra K. Klingsporn (Tommy Nelson) (Rachel wouldn't be able to keep her date - she was killed at lunchtime that same day.)