Magazine Poll

Results of a 3 month readership poll reveal a loyal readership Connection Magazine Readership Poll        Over 56% of Connection Magazine readers claim to read each monthly issue while 29% report reading 'almost every month'. 61% of our readers report that they regularly pass along their personal copy of Connection Magazine to at least one other person, resulting in 45,000 readers per issue. Of special interest to advertisers, 68% have used or plan to use advertisers.

       The average age of a Connection Magazine reader is 42, and 69% of our readers are females.

       Responding to the question of religious affiliation, 22% claim to attend non-denominational churches, 13% indicated that they were Baptist and 13% checked the Pentecostal box. 10% of our readers declared themselves to be Catholic while just 3% polled are of the Lutheran denomination. Various other denominations totaled another 6%. Almost 30% claimed no religious affiliation, only that they were 'born again' Christians and attended church at a higher rate than those who claimed an affiliation.

       3% indicated that they do not attend church at all. However, Connection Magazine estimates that the unchurched readership could be as high as 10% due to the monthly circulation numbers that reveal 15% are first time or very intermittent readers and were less likely to respond to the poll.

       Interesting to note is that 50% of all those polled indicated that they were 'born again' which is referred to in John chapter 3 of the Holy Bible. 'Born again' Christians were represented across denominational lines as many readers checked the box for their denomination as well as the box marked 'born again'.