Straight Pride

AFA law center wins first round in 'straight pride' case.
Decision Reveals Hypocrisy of 'Tolerance' Agenda

       The U.S. District Court in St. Paul, Minnesota, issued a preliminary injunction in favor of Elliott Chambers, the 16-year-old student at Woodbury High School, who was forbidden in January from wearing a sweatshirt that the principal thought was inflammatory toward homosexuals.

       Chambers' shirt said, "Straight Pride" on the front, and contained the image of a man and woman holding hands on the back.

       In its decision the court noted there is "a strong likelihood" that Principal Dana Babbitt's actions in banning the shirt were unconstitutional. The ruling allowed Elliott to continue to wear the shirt to school during the remaining legal proceedings.

       The lawsuit filed by the AFA Center for Law & Policy (CLP) on behalf of Elliott and his parents, Kendal and Lana Chambers, charges that the policies of the school and the school district are unconstitutional. The lawsuit also alleges that the school's display of inverted pink triangles - a common symbol used by the homosexual movement - promotes homosexuality.

       The school has also designated some 50 classroom "safe zones," in which students struggling with their sexuality may obtain counseling. Since the filing of the suit, the school has modified "safe zone" signs to include symbols for racial equality, equality for those with disabilities, and religious equality.

        "This is a victory for student free speech and a small step toward exposing the hypocrisy of the 'tolerance' agenda," said Stephen M. Crampton, Chief Counsel for the CLP. "When the politically correct invoke 'tolerance,' they usually mean tolerance only for those promoting deviant and socially destructive behaviors. The court recognized that true tolerance means tolerance of all, and not only a select few."

       CLP Litigation Counsel Michael J DePrimo agreed. "The simple, positive message of Elliott's sweatshirt expresses pride in his heterosexuality; it does not denigrate other forms of sexuality," he said. "The proper way for the school to deal with the expression of differing views is not to squelch the speaker, but to educate the audience in the art of civil discourse."

Reprinted by permission AFA Journal,, 662.844.5036.

Conservatives Label United Nations 'Inefficient,' 'Phony' Operation by Bill Fancher

        (AgapePress) - Recent actions by the United Nations regarding human rights issues have many people wondering if the organization is "out of control."

       The UN angered many human rights advocates earlier this month by kicking the United States off its Human Rights Commission and replacing it with abusers like China, India, and Sudan. Now the UN is trying to keep pro-human rights groups like the Family Research Council and Baptist World Alliance from attending its conferences on the issue.

       Such decisions have some people wondering if the UN is out of control. FRC's Bob Maginnis says it was never under control.

        "The UN has some very serious problems," he says. "It is a deep-seated bureaucratic organization that's incredibly inefficient."

       According to Maginnis, the original founding documents of the UN are very good, but today's UN is not what the documents foresaw. "The record of the UN here, especially recently, has veered radically from where it was intended to go," he says.

       Maginnis says that is why human rights groups exist. "Our intent is to be part of the communications process in that forum," he says. "We want to be able to go inside and report on what we're seeing, we want to influence the process, and we want to give aid and comfort to nations that in fact are pro-life and pro-faith, and pro-freedom."

       Meanwhile, Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation is calling for the U.S. to leave the UN.

        "It's been a phony operation from day one," Weyrich says. "It's fine to have some international forum where we all talk and make these exchanges if we want to have that forum, but to pretend that this is some serious operation where we actually get something done in the name of humanity is nonsense."

        "We need to stop pretending that the United Nations is a serious organization with serious objectives for world peace - it is not," Weyrich says. "It's some sort of ideological, polemical organization where everybody tries to beat up on those few nations that try to do real good in this world."

       Weyrich would like to see the world body move to Russia, which has invited the UN to move its headquarters from New York to St. Petersburg.

Educator Condemns ACLU for Defending Pedophile Association by Chad Groening
Warning: The following story may not be suitable for children.

        (AgapePress) - The chancellor of Boston University said it is indefensible for the American Civil Liberties Union to represent the North American Man-Boy Love Association in a suit filed against the pedophile organization.

       In a column published in the Boston Herald, John Silber says the ACLU has "abandoned common sense" by claiming that NAMBLA did not contribute to the death of 10-year-old Jeffrey Curley in 1997. One of the two men charged in the killing visited the NAMBLA website prior to the brutal murder. The boy's family is suing NAMBLA as contributors to Jeffrey's death.

       But the ACLU claims it was purely a question of free speech when NAMBLA published information on how to best accomplish statutory rape. Silber says the site even advised members to get access to children by volunteering, for example, to work with the Boy Scouts.

       The Boston University educator says the ACLU is resisting any attempts to divulge the membership of NAMBLA, thereby protecting criminals from discovery. In addition he says in the suit filed by the boy's parents, the ACLU is providing a proxy in court so that no one who wants to legalize sexual acts between adults and babies need suffer exposure in court.

       Silber questions the ethics of the ACLU in its willingness to protect an organization that advocates the rape of children.

Sex Trafficking Trade Linked to Slavery

        (Agapepress) - A crusader against sex trafficking was among a group of like-minded advocates who testified before a House subcommittee last week about that international tragedy.

       Dr. Laura Lederer, director of the Protection Project, has been fighting against sex trafficking for many years. She calls it the modern-day version of slavery.

        "In a previous century, Africans labored in the tobacco fields and slaves were bred for strength and endurance. The fields have been replaced by brothels and sex shops, and the new trade is in young women and children," Lederer said. "Yet even with these changes, the similarities are striking. As were the African slaves, these young women are tricked, deceived, lured, induced, kidnapped, and coerced into bondage."

       According to Lederer, these women and children are forced to do someone else's bidding for monetary gain. Those who balk, she says, are often beaten, starved, and/or raped, and find their families threatened if they do not perform as directed.

       Lederer told lawmakers in Washington that more and more women and children are falling victim to sex-traffickers. "UNICEF, the International Organization for Migration, and several other well-respected international organizations are estimating that two million women and children are trafficked into slavery each year," she said, "meaning that the total number of trafficked persons in the last decade may be ten million or more."

       Lederer says it is difficult to document this type of crime because of corruption among authorities in many nations, as well as the reluctance of victims to come forth because of trauma and shame. She says we can help end the tragedy by pressuring nations to prosecute traffickers.

American Legion Supports the Boy Scouts' Right to Freedom of Association

       WASHINGTON D.C. - The American Legion has taken a daring stand against the tide of pressure against the Boy Scouts of America. While other groups, like many United Way affiliates, have succumbed to pressures of a limited interest group, Commander Ray G. Smith has declared that the attack on the Boy Scouts is "outrageous," and their right to exercise their freedom of association in setting their own membership and leadership standards must be defended.

        "Any disregard for the Boy Scouts' constitutional freedoms would put all private groups at risk," said Wendy Wright, Director of Communications for CWA. "We now have the ruling of the Supreme Court to defend the Scouts, but social pressure continues to undermine our country's belief in individual freedom."

       The American Legion voted at its last national convention to, "support the Boy Scouts of America in its efforts to maintain and practice traditional family values with regard to their membership and their leadership standards." In its magazine, the group encouraged members to defend the Boys Scouts in city councils, school boards and other local government bodies. As a national body the Legion supports over 75,000 scouts in over 2,500 units.

        "It is encouraging to see an influential group like the American Legion standing publicly to support the scouts," said Wendy Wright. "Their actions should be an example for other groups to follow in their support for the scouts."

       But the Boy Scouts' right to freedom of association continues to be challenged. Sen. Jesse Helms' amendment to the education bill, supporting the right of the Boy Scouts to meet on school grounds, barely passed. "I am appalled that 49 Senators, including the Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Daschle, believe in discriminating against the Boy Scouts," said Wendy Wright. "The vote reveals that these senators believe that federal government should dictate what private groups can do, or who their members and leaders must be."

First Step to Protect Born Alive Infants

       Washington, D.C. - On June 29, the Senate voted 98-0 to adopt a Born-Alive Infants Protection amendment to the Patients' Bill of Rights. Concerned Women for America is grateful to Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania for his hard work in bringing this critical legislation to the floor.

        "This is an important affirmation of human life," said Wendy Wright, Director of Communications for Concerned Women for America. "Though it is hard to imagine that we need a federal law to protect babies that are born alive from being killed by medical personnel, that is, in fact, what is needed." Jill Stanek, a nurse from Christ Hospital in Illinois who exposed this procedure, is scheduled to testify before a House of Representatives committee on the need for Congress to recognize the legal rights of infants who are born alive. Even in the face of community outrage, her hospital continues the practice of inducing labor then leaving the premature babies that survive to die from lack of attention or medical care.

       Since the Patients' Bill of Rights is hotly disputed legislation, there is no guarantee that this amendment will be passed into law through this vehicle. But the process clarifies the Senate's support for Born-Alive Infants Protection legislation and paves the way for a future introduction should that be necessary. Last year, similar legislation passed by an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives and is expected to pass with a similar margin this year.

        "This battle is far from over," said Michael Schwartz, Vice President for Government Relations for Concerned Women for America. "We cannot sit back and be complacent because an amendment to provide legal protection for babies who are born alive has passed in the Senate. People should continue to educate their family and friends, make calls to Congress and write letters to the media to assure that this legislation becomes law during this Congress."