Pastors Unite

       A fantastic celebration took place in June at the Lorain County Mission located at 306 Morgan Avenue, Elyria, Ohio. The Mission, which is spearheaded by Pastor Brian Wade and his wife Holly, was celebrating their second year anniversary.

       Prominent pastors from the area set aside their differences and came together in a united front to do what they could for the cause. All funds raised went directly to the mission.

       From June 25 to June 30, 2001 there were compelling women's meetings, followed by a hot lunch, compliments of the mission. During lunch, participants listened to local and county dignitaries, and every evening one of six prominent leaders of the area's largest churches preached powerful messages, all for the purpose of raising funds for the Mission. The mission exists on donations alone, they have no other funding.

       On June 26, 1999 Pastor Brian and Holly Wade opened their doors to the Lorain County Mission and hope was born anew for the redemption of some of society's disenfranchised. They came, mostly from the streets, almost all drug addicted, hungry, tired, penniless, suffering, their lives broken into pieces. Those looking for a few free meals and a good night's sleep passed through quickly. Those seriously hoping to turn their lives around could stay only if they committed to an intensive two-year program. Their home becomes the mission. They not only receive shelter, but food, care, comfort and spiritual renewal through a two year Bible -based program.

        There are daily morning devotionals, Bible study, counseling and pastoring as well as job training. The residents who keep their commitment get cleaned up, redeemed, trained and taught how to return to society, this time with something meaningful to give back. It takes a huge commitment from them, but look at the results. FREEDOM! But it takes an equally great commitment from those commissioned to run and oversee the program, not to mention a lot of money, thus the celebration/fundraiser.

       Pastor Joseph Gause from the Mt. Olivett CMA Church preached a powerful message on Monday evening, launching the week's events. His participation was natural. Three years earlier, when he was starting his church, he was approached by a homeless woman, pleading for his help. She told of the lack of homeless shelters in the area and how she could only stay a few nights, before being bounced back onto the street. Her need touched his heart and he and a group of Christian's began praying, seeking God to provide a place where people could go and get real help. After much prayer, they learned that Brian and Holly Wade had followed their hearts to open a 24/7 mission to the homeless. Pastor Gause rejoiced that help had come and that he and other area churches also had a resource to help the needy.

       That is why these six area pastors came together in a spirit of unity and harmony. They realize how great the need is for the homeless drug addict and how great the work is that is carried on within the hallowed walls of the Lorain County Mission. Blessed men and women of God came together as one for a common purpose, leaving behind denominational and racial barriers. They gave willingly and joyfully to help raise funds, thus enabling the mission to carry on their vital work. The work continues and the needs continue but with God's grace and the generosity of those who care enough to add their financial and prayer support, the mission will thrive and many more lives will be touched and set free.