Teen Satanist

       Rollercoasters, merry-go-rounds-, teenagers: the annual Youth For Christ, Party in the Park, is the place where this year on March 30th, 160 teens committed their lives to Christ.

       One of these teens was in involved in Satanism.

       Her name is Laura.

       Laura told one of the counselors, that she and her mom were practicing Satanists. She told how her mom is deeply involved in Satanism and wanted Laura to join her. When a counselor shared Christ's love with her, Laura said that she wanted to receive Christ into her heart.

       Afterward, Laura confessed that her mom made her wear a satanic t-shirt. She was then given a Christian t-shirt to wear. She accepted the new t-shirt and immediately went into the bathroom to put it on.

       She cut up the old t-shirt and left it in the bathroom garbage, as she began her new life with Christ.

       Note: If you have a desire to work in youth ministry and would like to know how to get actively involved-call Youth For Christ at 216-252-9881.