Bush Observes

       Following are excerpts from President George W. Bush's remarks on the National Day of Prayer (May 3, 2001)

       This is a day when our nation recognizes a power above our power, and influence beyond our influence, a guiding wisdom far greater than our own. The American character, it's strong and confident; but we have never been reluctant to speak of our own dependency on providence.

       Our country was founded by great and wise people who were fluent in the language of humility, praise and petition. Throughout our history, in danger and division, we have always turned to prayer. And our country has been delivered from many serious evils and wrongs because of that prayer...

       In this house, I make many decisions. But as I do so, as I make those decisions, I know...that many Americans lift me up in prayer. Those prayers are a gracious gift, and Laura and I and my family greatly appreciate them.

       America has many traditions of faith and many experiences of prayers. But I suspect that many who pray have something in common that we may pray for God's help, but as we do so, we find that God has changed our deepest selves. We learn humility before His will and acceptance of things beyond our understanding. We discover that the most sincere of all prayers can be the simple words. "Thy will be done." And that is a comfort more powerful than all our plans.

(c) 2001 Focus on the Family. Used by Permission. Reprinted from the July issue of Focus on the Family Citizen Magazine.