Letter 2 Editor We Must Repent or Be Destroyed

       We Christians have, in this terrorist crisis, the single greatest opportunity since World War 2 to speak and live the truth to an unsettled America.

       We alone have the answers to bring ultimate healing and victory. Not the crushing of the terrorists (although God's appointed government will do this as His agents) but rather the ultimate healing and ultimate victory brought by the transforming power of the Gospel. Only one thing stands in our way - Not the liberals, not even the devil. It's our lack of understanding and living the truth of the Bible.

       At the national day of morning service in Washington, D.C. I waited with anticipation for one of the ministers to say the one thing that Jesus said to the apostles when they asked him why certain men were murdered by Herod when they were offering sacrifices to God: He said they were no greater sinners than the rest of their fellow citizens - Then speaks directly to his disciples and makes it personal: "Unless you repent, you shall also perish."

       Then He goes further and talks about 18 men that died when a tower in Siloam fell on them. The lesson was the same - "They were no worse than their fellow citizens, but unless you repent, you shall also perish." Luke 13:4

The Apostles understood something most western Christians don't understand or don't believe- the sovereignty of God. The Apostles knew that God caused or allowed the tower to fall on 18 men - the only question was why?

       It is the job of the men and women of God to teach their friends and neighbors that God allowed the towers to fall on the 5,000. They were no greater sinners than any other Americans - but unless you repent, you will also perish.

       Coincidentally? We Americans kill about 4,000 unborn babies every day as a sacrifice to the god of lust. Many Christians have been saying for years that if God doesn't bring judgment on us then He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

       Well, it's finally come, and even Billy Graham with the eyes of the world on him didn't speak the obvious. I know he knew the scripture but must have felt the message inappropriate for that particular service.

       If a prophet like Jeremiah were to call America to repentance publicly, the American institutional church would probably condemn him, as weakening the resolve of Americans the same way the Jewish leaders said Jeremiah was a traitor to Israel.

       But this is our time, let's not blow it!

       May the pastors and priests all over this fair land call America to repentance!

Patrick McIntyre