The Loving Kind

by AnnMarie McLean

Cindy Morgan’s latest album is an experimental journey. The Loving Kind transports us from present-day America back to Jerusalem, circa 30 A.D., where we’re thrown into perhaps the most intense seven days of all history?the week before Christ’s death.

Cindy has drafted thirteen intensely personal and artistic songs that unfold the dramatic events in the last week of Jesus’ life. She lends added dimension to the story by becoming the voice of several different key people: on the title cut, she’s Peter; on "Take My Life," Mary Magdalene; on "Devil Man," Judas Iscariot.

The album is an artistic triumph for Morgan?showing depth, maturity, and ingenuity in both her lyrics and music. Her greatest accomplishment, however, is helping listeners peel away any layers of religiosity obscuring the humanity of Jesus Christ. Through songs like "Can You Hear Me," The Last Supper" (a duet with Wes King), and "Higher," we experience the emotions Jesus must have felt?his agony at Gethsemane, the grief of saying good-bye to his closest friends, and his yearning to return to his Father.

To make the most of this album, I suggest sitting down with Bible in hand and reading the Scripture references that accompany each song as you listen to the CD. Not only will it bring to life the most profound week in history, it will lead you to re-encounter the only Savior who gave His life for you.

Reprinted by permission, Virtue