Solid, Live Gospel


by Jimmy Stewart

O’landa Draper, a Dove and Stellar Award winner and Grammy nominee, comes in the tradition of great gospel music—part preaching, part style, part power, part passion.

With Reflections, he embraces contemporary listening tastes by infusing his music with modern rhythms, yet he doesn’t stray too far from the powerful persona that brought him national recognition.

You’ll find similarities between the styles of Draper, John P. Kee and Kirk Franklin—especially the vocal styles. Each has a quickly identifiable sound denoted by their deep, sometimes gravelly singing reminiscent of energetic soul singers—a sound that has helped make gospel the strong musical medium it is known as.

Reflection is a live album, which adds to the energy conveyed by Draper and The Associates. Relationship with God is the theme throughout. A diversity of songs are included that range from traditional to Latin to psalms to jubilant praise and worship.

Draper sums the album up this way: "A person’s life will change, once they give it to the Lord, and that’s what Reflections is all about. That’s when deliverance can come, when peace can come—when we know it all comes from Jesus Christ."