"Anybody Out There?"(Squint)–
Burlap To Cashmere

by Ron Cox

To label the debut project from Burlap To Cashmere exciting, original, artistic, creative, fun, challenging and awesome would be an understatement to say the least! This is, without a doubt, contemporary Christian music’s best new band. The most appropriate way to experience this music is LIVE, but the record ain’t exactly chopped liver.

These young bucks from the "Big Apple" - And yes we ARE required to love them even though they’re Yankees fans - feature lightning-quick, Latino guitar licks, soulful vocals, poetic lyrics, and just flat out great pop music!

I offer the tune "Basic Instructions" as proof of what I mean. The song is based on an acronym for the word Bible: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. It’s a fun, up-tempo, Latino style jam with a sound unlike any other pop tune I’ve ever heard.

The title cut - "Anybody Out There" - is a haunting and convicting number. It builds to a powerful climax and asks some uncomfortable questions...

"Is there anybody out there?
Does anybody care?
Are the people really there?
Is there anybody seeking?
Does anybody see?
Or are they deaf & dumb like me?"

"Treasures In Heaven" gets my vote as the best mellow cut on the project. it features rich textured vocals, pretty keyboard sounds, and excellent guitar work with a touch of jazz influence. The catchy chorus reminds us that this world is temporary and our real focus should be heaven.

Other stand out cuts include: "Mansions", "Eileen’s Song", "Digee Dime", "Chop Chop", "Good Man", and basically the whole album!

If you can only afford to buy one project within the next year - make it this one.