Fire & Faith

by John Hanna

It was February of 1978, when a man of faith and vision had started a church in Detroit, Michigan with about 10 members.

Today, that church has grown to over 5000 members and includes a daily T.V. ministry.

The man with the mission is Andrew Merritt. Bishop Andrew Merritt is the pastor of the Straight Gate Church and is quick to give the glory, all of the glory, to God. "The prosperity of man is linked to his intimacy with God," said Merritt. "God gave Adam glory to glorify God. We’re here to glorify God, not self."

Merritt is the author of `My Faith is Taking Me Someplace’ sub-titled `Are you on the Road to Nowhere?’ which is published by Creation House.

During a rainstorm in Dallas, while assisting Bishop T.D. Jakes at a book signing, Merritt was approached by, as he puts it, "a gentleman from Creation House," and he asked Merritt to write a book.

Merritt wrote the book intending to help people to know God’s love for them! He puts the emphasis on God to save and deliver us and not we ourselves. "We’ve been given the privilege to work with him," however, Merritt explained, "The focus is always on God, not man."

Within the pages of this insightful book of faith, he takes us to the side of our faith journey that includes troubles, trials and tribulations. He explains that the faith of many people in the Bible led them to some very unlikely places and situations.

He points to three Hebrew boys who were tied up and thrown into a fire because of their faith and how they were seen in the fire, walking around, loose. Merritt says that The Faith God gives us will, "take you to a furnace and allow you to function in it." And we know that scripture shows how promotion and prosperity awaited those three Hebrew boys when they were called out of the fire without even the smell of smoke on them.

He doesn’t know where some people in the church came up with the doctrine of all prosperity with no troubles, trials or tribulations.

Merritt is a very insightful and balanced teacher who knows first hand the faithfulness of God to deliver his children out of every affliction. He will inspire you to have faith in God, even when it seems like all of Hell is breaking out against you.

His book is available where ever Creation Books are sold, including Rainbow Family Bookstore in Maple Heights.