Chonda Pierce

by Amy Parker

She began her career as a singer, but it wasn’t long before she knew her greatest gift was making people laugh. Her newest release "Having a Girls’ Nite Out" gives you the chance to experience over an hour of Chonda and her "wacky world of womanhood." It features highlights of her comedy routines, her songs, and her testimony.

Chonda grew up a preacher’s kid. When she was a teenager, her older sister was killed instantly in a car accident as she drove to work one rainy morning. A few months later, Chonda’s younger sister came home from school with a sore throat and fever. Twenty-one days later, she died of Leukemia. Due to the immense amount of grief and pressure, her father walked out on his church, his marriage and his family.

Even through her pain, she still found the strength to keep her sense of humor. In her disarming, and completely captivating manner, Chonda tells stories that let you in on the darkest times of her life, and shows you how her loving Father redeemed her life with hope. She still cries every time she tells her own story. "I cry because it never gets old, talking about someone you miss. What I cry over is that God is still faithful when our lives are a wreck. If we allow him to, He’ll use everything."

And God has been faithful to use her story. Thousands have seen her hilarious-yet-uplifting performances at women’s conferences, touring with her pal Mark Lowry, working on the Grand Ole Opry, or with the Billy Graham organization. She has her own "Having A Girls’ Nite Out" tour and four Preacher’s Kids conferences set for 1998. But anyone who knows Chonda knows that for all her comedic, dramatic and musical gifts, perhaps the greatest gift she gives is that of her heart.

Reprinted by permission, Profile Magazine.