Wide Eyed - Nichole Nordeman / Star Song

by Ron Cox

I think the best word to describe the debut project from Nichole Nordeman (Nor-da-mun) is depth. You’ll find a lot of it in this project. You’ll also find a lot of honesty. Honesty to the point where it may make you a little uncomfortable. Take a look at a sample of the lyrics from the title cut, and judge for yourself...

When I met her in a bookstore
She was browsing on the first floor
Through a yoga magazine
And she told me in her past life
She was some plantation slave’s wife
She had to figure out what that might mean

She left me wide eyed in disbelief and

I was tongue tied, drawn by my conclusions

So I turned and walked away
And I laughed at what she had to say
Then casually dismissed her as a fraud
I forgot she was created in the image of
my God

See what I mean?

Here’s another sample from my favorite cut on the project, "Who You Are"...

I was certain that I knew You
At the tender age of twelve
You’d so often been described by those
Who said they knew You well
Dark and rugged in Your thirties
With a smile as bright as Your robe

I know I can’t explain You
I would not even try
And yet it’s clear that You are here beside me
I marvel I wonder
So near and somehow still so far
What makes You who You are?

There’s not enough space here to give you an accurate picture of the kind of poetry found in this young woman’s music. It will take you into some secret places with Jesus you may never have explored before.

Sonically, the project features mainly acoustic and organic sounds with a musician roster that includes names like Gordon Kennedy, Mark Hammond, and other notables - not to mention Nichole herself offering some fine work on the acoustic piano.

Nichole’s vocals have nice texture and range. As they say in the world of baseball - "The kid can bring it."

This is one of the best debuts in Christian music in quite some time. If you don’t like being challenged spiritually, mentally, and musically then don’t buy a copy of "Wide Eyed" from Nichole Nordeman. Perhaps the latest from the Spice Girls would serve as an alternative - though I wouldn’t recommend it.