Hattie B. Turley - Created For Worship and Ministry

"I used to pray Lord make me a blessing." That has been Evangelist Hattie B. Turley’s prayer since she was a mere thirteen singing in her church choir in Canton, Ohio. " Being a blessing is my heart throb." And with every beat of her heart, Hattie’s prayer has followed her over the years into full-time outreach ministry with her husband who she affectionately calls "E.T.", Minister Emmanuel Turley.

God has also inspired Hattie to write original songs including "Make Me A Blessing" for her first CD, "Created For Worship."

"I always said, ‘Lord give me the songs to sing’. I wanted the songs to touch people’s hearts, sooth them, comfort them and open the way for them to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ."

It took Hattie a year to complete "Created For Worship." "God put in me the desire to do a CD." She says. And Hattie believes the Lord also sent her Minister James Jones of Lorain, Ohio to compose the music. "God gave me the words and He put the music in James’ fingers." Hattie says it is her desire to be an encouragement through word and song.

"It’s all about ministry." She says. Hattie and her husband, "E.T." have formed Ty Hatt Productions -N- Outreach Ministries. Their mission work has taken them throughout Ohio at the Lima and Lancaster Prisons, Indian River Juvenile Facility and Northeast Pre-Release Center for Women. The couple are regular volunteers for Harbor Light Rehabilitation Center in Cleveland and Lorain. E.T. also teaches bible study at Grafton Correctional Institute.

"God said, ‘I’ve given you a lot of love and you are to give it away’." Hattie smiles.

"I want to see God’s love flowing through me. When I go to prisons, I feel them hurting. I am just a vessel of clay God is using. I want them to see God not Hattie!"

Just a few weeks ago, Hattie and other singers ministered in Nimisilla Park, one of the most drug-infested areas in Canton, Ohio. "Words can’t always do it. But a song will comfort the broken-hearted." She says.

That is why Hattie is so quick to say she is not looking for fame or fortune. "I am hungry for God. I lay on my face and ask God to move." It is obvious the Lord is definitely moving in Hattie’s life. She has overcome some hard struggles. Hattie knows the trauma of physical and emotional abuse, poverty, the plight of being a single mother and dealing with a troubled marriage. Hattie says it was God who gave her the victory everytime.

She recalls when she wrote the song "Full Of Love And Mercy." "I was thinking how God tolerated me. I think of the changes I went through and how He put up with the foolishness. When I should have been dead, God gave me mercy!" She proclaims.

Hattie says it is her desire to see others delivered and set free as well. "When I wrote "It Is Time," I felt God pleading with somebody. The Lord wants to save you, heal you and He wants us to surrender our situations to Him. He wants to put the pieces back together. It is time to give it all to Him."

Hattie’s desire to further the good news of Jesus Christ is evident. She has seen many doors open up for her. Now she is hoping to reach others in a broader spectrum, reaching and touching the lives of people all over the world through their ministry. Throughout her life she has traveled with several groups around the country and performed on the "Praise The Lord Program" some year’s back. Nevertheless, Hattie says her singing is not about entertainment. "It’s not about my voice, it’s about ministry. We do not have time to sit in churches fighting for positions either. People are dying out there."

Hattie says she is able to adapt to any situation or environment as she ministers because she knows who she is in God. Her intensity and dedication is enough to inspire us all to move to another level.

As the title of her CD states, Evangelist Hattie Turley is Created For Worship. She is a testimony of how God has blessed her to be a blessing to others.

It all comes down to her love for Jesus Christ. "He is the lover of my soul. No one can fulfill you like my Jesus. He’s my guiding light when I can’t see my way."