Hey Girl, Don’t Get ‘Macked’

by Patricia Mitchell

"Girl whatcha gonna be.... a concubine or a Queen?" is a question and a seminar designed by Regina K. Foster, the founder of Bride of His Sons Ministries. Regina’s presentation style is unique, expressive, and articulate. She tells young girls a message that is hip, powerful, and biblically sound in a way that they may hear and receive it. Regina tells them, "Don’t be macked to the bone!"

Jokingly, Regina laughs, "When God gave me the seminar title, I said you must be kidding Lord!" Yet, in a more serious tone, Regina shares, "It is a very straight forward, in your face ministry, but it is rooted in the love of God," The umbrella ministry, Bride of His Sons Ministries, began in February 1997, when Regina arranged an authorized, public showing of the Carmen movie, R.I.O.T. at an Akron public library. She said, "The majority of the audience were teens, many were not Christians, and a few were from a local shelters. God moved and many teens were saved and rededicated their lives back to Christ."

"My first goal is to capture them by saying, you want to be a woman and you want to be ‘all that,’ but to be ‘all that,’ you have to be in Jesus." Jesus is interested in all aspects of their lives. When no one is around, they are thinking, "am I pretty enough?, am I smart enough? am I thin enough?"

Regina responds to the young ladies, "God attached value to you because He loves you. Understand who you are in Christ. You are ordained and established with purpose. Satan is terrified of women being obedient and yielding their lives like Mary did." Regina talks about Queen Esther as a biblical example for the young ladies. "I don’t initially tell them that she was fourteen years old as she was being prepared to meet the king. Yet, I share that Esther used her virtue to save her people," she says.

Regina acknowledges God’s favor with her ability to perceive and understand the hearts of young women.

As a previous Sunday school teacher for youth, Regina would often talk to parents regarding their children. "I would listen and be able to shed a totally different light and understanding. God was imparting into me what teenage girls are going through today and I have a heart for them."

Knowing that youth ministry to young girls was her God-given mission, Regina began preparation for the seminar by spending six months writing different aspects of the curriculum, along with spending a lot of time at the mall. Regina said, "In the mall, you can see where a young lady places her emphasis by the clothes she wears and (the clothes) she looks at."

She explains, "A young lady of the world is taught, ‘whatever you have that men find attractive, play it for all it is worth.’ She is going to play her breast, her legs, her behind, or whatever is an attribute. The thing the world tells them is that having people attracted to you is a source of power. With that power, you can get what you want, but there is no regard to the feelings of others or even yourself. Because what ultimately happens is that the hunted or the huntress in this case gets captured by the game. I tell them that being sexy is not a fruit of the spirit."

What does Regina mean when she says, "Don’t be macked to the bone?" Regina clarified that "mack" is a slang term used to describe a man that is a womanizer and has sex with a lot of different women. She says, "Obviously, one of the biggest challenges for teenage girls is remaining a virgin until they get married. It is not so much of the act itself, as the steps that are leading to it."

Regina realizes that girls have become so desensitized to the steps that tear down their desire to remain virgins. "I teach them value and self-worth. It is a spiritual issue to tear down the virtue of our youth." Regina talks about the differences between motivation and manipulation; compliments and flattery; attractiveness and sexual appeal; self worth and self esteem. "I explain to the ladies the scriptural meanings. For instance, flattery according to the Word of God is a form of hatred."

With straight forward information, Regina motivates the girls to read their Bible to get a better understanding. Along with teaching and sharing biblical principles, Regina helps the young ladies identify and distinguish the subtle messages that are conveyed through advertisement. "The world is at them twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week through rap music, sitcoms, MTV, BET and CBS," she says. "I show them ads and commercials to point out the subtle messages that many of them never realized were there."

Speaking with a deep passion and commitment, Regina says, "When I go to minister, whether it is two girls, twenty girls or two-hundred, I go there with the power of the Holy Spirit and the willingness to engulf them with everything that the Lord has for them to receive because they have value. She is God’s baby girl and He never intended for the world to have her. I know that there is a calling on their lives. I have to go after these girls."

Regina has presented all or portions of her seminar to several churches and groups in the Greater Cleveland and Akron area. She is excited about being officially ordained as an evangelist this month and is in the process of having the ministry’s seminar curriculum, "Girl whatcha gonna be...... a concubine or a Queen?" incorporated, along with a creation of a video presentation. "I have been accountable to a ministry board and I am thankful for their support and encouragement of the ministry vision."

With the youth ministry, Regina envisions, a "Club Excellence" in every church. The club is another branch of the Bride of His Sons Ministries. It is designed for young girls between the age of 12 to 19 years old. The girls meet on a monthly basis with Regina and participates in an outreach activity every other month. "I believe there is a woman anointed in every church to minister to the young teens." She stresses, "It is a lot of fun to take the youth to Cedar Point and to skating, but we [ the Body of Christ], must invest in their lives and in the purpose of their lives. Youth at this stage of their lives, have an ‘all or nothing’ attitude. We have to allow them to live in that ‘all’ for Christ."

In closing, Regina is grateful for God’s hand in the ministry. The club is growing through the word of mouth advertising. Regina explains, "I build relationships with these young ladies. I give them business cards that they may use to invite others, however, I do not stay on them to distribute them. Yet, they invite their friends, classmates, and relatives. I believe with all my heart that there is going to be revival in the youth, but it will come about through the youth."

You may reach Bride of His Sons Ministries at (330) 849-1526 or at the E-mail address www.brideohs@acorn.net