I Wonder If... - Rhonda Gunn / Damascus Road

by Ron Cox

The sophomore release from Rhonda Gunn features more of what we got from her debut...well written songs from a woman who has obviously been spending some intimate moments with Jesus. I mean, there are some things you just can’t fake, and Rhonda’s genuine relationship with Christ really comes through in her lyrics. "Higher Faith" is a good example of what I mean...


The blessings we embrace
In this life are just a taste
Of a heaven that awaits (I want to go)

This journey is a trial
A heartache for a while
But when it all comes down
I want to be found (with a) Higher faith

Trusting in a sovereign Lord above
Who is good and is just
A higher faith
Like a river run-in’ deep in me
Carries me upon the sea of grace
Into a higher faith

It’s a mid-tempo cut featuring a nice blend of guitar and keyboard sounds. The intensity really builds with some big sounding background vocals as the song fades. Nice tune.

The projects best cut, however, is "Behold Thee". I think it contains Rhonda’s catchiest hook since "Living Well" - a song from her first album. It’s an energetic worship tune that has that intangible "something" that occurs when music and subject matter match perfectly.

You’ll find yourself singing - and worshipping - along.

Other notable cuts include, "You Take Me There", "Come Back", and "Believe In Love" - the first radio single.

"I Wonder If... is a solid album musically, vocally, and lyrically. Billy Smiley’s production gets a big hand as well. This is an excellent follow-up project.