Entertainment Complex Brings New Entertainment to Cleveland

Victorious Entertainment presented the grand opening of their Christian Entertainment Complex on Saturday July 18, 1998 at 7:00 PM. The Open House/Dedication ceremony took place on Friday July 17, 1998. There was prayer, singing and dancing while dedicating the building to Jesus Christ. Friends and family came to celebrate. There were singers, a Christian DJ, food, and non-alcoholic drinks. Channel 3 News came and did a very positive review of the complex.

Victorious Christian Entertainment Complex; offers the best in a variety of Christian ministries, serving the best Cocktail (Non-Alcoholic) beverages, appetizers, dinner (soul food) in the city and providing fellowship enjoyment for all!!

Its mission is to provide a means of clean, fun entertainment and give people a chance to come out, listen to music, enjoy live entertainment, line-dance mingle with other people, and enjoy each other all in a non-alcoholic Christian environment, where great food is served. Adults night out is every Friday, 5:30 pm-1:00 am and Saturday’s 8:00 pm-1:00 am.

The establishment’s proprietor is Ms. Charmayne Addison, a Christian who strongly believes that there is a tremendous need for this type of establishment and that it is, in fact, long overdue. She has chosen to base her complex in the city that she resides in, East Cleveland.

Despite all of the "bad press" that East Cleveland has received in recent years, Charmayne is a very strong believer in the newly voted administration headed by Mayor Emmanuel Onunwor as well as a believer in her neighborhood and feels that "...With God, all things are possible." She wants to aid in the revitalization of East Cleveland and feels that this is an excellent way to start. Another goal she hopes to accomplish is to begin working with youth. By this, she plans to show the youth of the neighborhood that there is a way to have good, clean fun without all of the fighting, gangs and guns. She will have a time designated exclusively for families immediately after church on Sundays and a young adult (teens 16 and up) evening will follow ending at 8:00 PM. The Young Adult Evening will give young adults a chance to come out, listen to music, mingle, enjoy speakers, and just know that there is an alternative outlet to the streets.

Victorious Entertainment Complex is located at 1417 Hayden Avenue in East Cleveland, Ohio and consists of two rooms with full security. There is a large room for big parties and a smaller sized room for meetings and smaller gatherings. Ms. Addison says that the facility will also be available for birthday parties, church and other organizational fund-raisers, weddings and receptions.

For more Information please call 216-451-2200 or 216-207-3031.