WFW Chris Jericho 

by Dale Thompson of Bride

 Chris Irvine recently e-mailed me as a Bride fan. I found out he was Chris Jericho of the WCW. We have thus corresponded many times and since have become good friends. He has something he would like to share.

How many hours out of any given day are you Chris Irvine and how many hours are you Chris Jericho the wrestler with 1004 moves and holds?

"I’m only Chris Jericho in the 10-25 minutes that I’m in the ring . . . and about five minutes before I get into the ring."

Who is Chris Jericho?

Jericho.GIF (73067 bytes)"CJ is self-indulgent, egotistical, moron, who thinks that the whole world loves and adores him. He’s the master entertainer and showman as well as an excellent wrestler."

How do other wrestlers respond to your faith in Jesus Christ?

"Nobody really reacts one way or another. Some guys believe in God, others feel He’s a sham. Same as in real life."

Are there other wrestlers you have Christian fellowship with?

"Eddy Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero Jr., NOW STing, Alex Wright are among the other Christians in the WCW locker room."

There are people who would say, "Rock music cannot be used for the glory of God." Have people ever questioned your walk with God based on the fact that you are a professional wrestler?

"I’ve had a few negative comments. But as we both know, it’s possible for the Lord to call anyone in any field to do his work. I was a Christian long before I was a wrestler and the Lord has put me in this position, so I guess it’s cool with Him!"

I understand that you are seldom home because of your extensive traveling. How do you manage to stay in top shape and remain healthy?

"Training is such an ingrained part of my life, that I never have a problem doing it on the road. I’ve probably seen every good . . . and bad . . . gym in the country!"

Have you ever suffered a serious injury while wrestling?

"I broke my arm four years ago, I have a steel plate in my arm. I’m pretty much sore every day in one way or another."

When and how did you receive Jesus Christ into your heart as Lord and Savior?

"I went to church as a kid but then got out of it. When I was 16 I started going back and I’ve been going since. The Lord has protected and been with me in so many ways . . . I couldn’t live without Him!"

Do you have a favorite part of the Bible or a Scripture, which you seem to apply to your life more than other passages?

"Phil 4:13 says, ‘I can do all things with Christ Who strengthens me.’ What a perfect passage for our lives. Anything is possible with the Lord!"

You come from an athletic background; your father being a professional hockey player. How come you got involved in professional wrestling when you could have played hockey or any other number of sports?

"I grew up watching wrestling and I decided when I was 16 that’s what I wanted to do. I quit playing hockey to begin training for wrestling! When I graduated from college at 19, I went to a wrestling school. Three months later, I started my career."

You are in the WCW, how much of Chris Jericho as a character is dictated by the league and how much is actually you?

"About 90% of what CJ does are my ideas and input."

Are you able to share your faith and spiritual convictions with other wrestlers or fans?

"I share my faith when the situation warrants it. I’ve tried to turn some people onto the Lord, when I get e-mails dealing with the trials and tribulations of their lives. I’m not very pushy though. I just give my point of view and state my beliefs without forcing it down someone’s throat. I find that just turns people off."

If you had the attention of every teenager in the world right now what would you say to them?

"Being a Christian doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Having a relationship with the Lord gives your life a kick in the butt to be the best you can be and it will enable you to be anything you can be! If you love Jesus, your life will rock even harder!!!"

Is there anyone you have never wrestled that is active today that you wish you could get in the ring with?

"I’d like to wrestle Bret Hart, Shawn Michael’s, and Steve Austin."

Who is the most important wrestler you have ever faced?

"The best wrestler I’ve ever faced is Chris Benoit or Ultimo Dragon."

If you were not a wrestler, would you still be in sports and what would it be?

"I’d probably be in a band (I play bass and sing) or be playing minor league hockey somewhere."

You started wrestling in 1990. What is your greatest achievement and what do you wish to accomplish as a pro wrestler?

"The greatest accomplishment has just been living my dream for 8 years and really loving what I do and being good at what I do. I’ve been to Japan 31 times, Mexico 15 times, Germany, all across Canada and the US. It’s been great, Praise the Lord!"

What do you hope to accomplish as a born-again Christian?

"Being the best person I can be and loving and serving the Lord the best I can. Ultimately making it to heaven, the goal for any Christian, I imagine!"

You are a Scorpio. Does that mean anything to you?


In What way do you hope to be a role model?

"Just to show people that they can accomplish ANYTHING they put their minds to. Just trust in Jesus and never give in, until you succeed."

Do you have any closing thoughts or comments?

"God bless you and never stop fighting for the Lord!"

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