Christian TV

by Carol Chapman Stertzer

Two brothers in Florida were channel surfing a few months ago when they came across Life Today With James Robison on Christian television. That night Robison was talking about how pornography can destroy a marriage.

The evangelist’s words caught the attention of brothers Mike and Steve Lane because they had launched a pornographic magazine and Web site. For the next few days they watched Life Today and finally called the phone number on the screen for prayer. After speaking with a prayer counselor, they decided to get out of the porn business immediately.

"James Robison came across as someone who is real," Steve Lane said. Robison later invited the brothers to appear on a January 1999 show with Tonya Flynt-Vega, daughter of porn publisher Larry Flynt. Tonya is a Christian now and travels the country telling about the dangers of porn and how it damaged her life

The Lane brothers, former admirers of Flynt, told Robison that they turned down a contract for national distribution of their magazine after viewing his show. Because of their extensive knowledge of the porn world, the Lanes have decided to crusade against the adult entertainment industry, possibly with Flynt-Vega.

Raised in church, the Lanes said they grew cold toward God because of the hypocrisy they observed. They also said they were exposed to porn at a young age.

Reprinted by permission, Charisma Magazine.