Get Ready for Rain

by Shirley Tracy

Are you missing out on some of God's richest blessings? Sandra Brooks, a budding author from University Heights, responded to God's call by writing and publishing her first mini book entitled "Obedience Will Bring the Rain." In it, Mrs. Brooks explores the relationship between walking in obedience with the Lord and reaping His blessings. Based on Leviticus 26, the book is small but the message powerful.

"I knew nothing about writing or publishing," says Brooks, "but it was just like the Lord took my hand and penned this book out. From that point, He took me step by step."

The purpose of the book is to remind God’s people of the importance of obeying Him. Sandra Brooks is a wife and mother who understands first hand the truths about which she writes. In 1981, God answered her cry for help, delivering her from the bondage of alcoholism. She was involved in AA for a couple of years, but knew she needed a closer walk with the Lord. She got back into church, and her life went forward from there.

"What is wonderful is how God can take your life and clean it up and then give you something to do."

She is certain we have a purpose, something for all of us to do for God's kingdom. She points to Jeremiah who was reluctant, but responded to God's call out of obedience. Subsequently, God had a mighty work for him to do. God has much for us to do as well, but he has to know he can trust us to obey. Sometimes, even though we are serving him, we hold out in one or more areas, failing to do all He asks of us. One big reason is fear. The opposite of fear is trust. A soft-spoken woman, Sandra summoned the courage to trust God, stepping out boldly to obey.

She says, "The wisdom and leading of the Holy Spirit has just been awesome, and I really believe that comes from this same message – God saying, 'If you just obey everything that I tell you to do, I'm gonna lead you; I'm gonna guide you; I'm gonna meet your needs.' Because bringing this whole ministry together has been a challenge financially, but God has met all my needs and given me direction."

Sandra is a member of New Spirit Revival Center, located on Mayfield Road in Cleveland Heights. In addition to church activities, she has an outreach ministry called "Keeping the Word." This ministry includes, among other things, working with teenage girls. Obviously, Sandra Brooks has a heart for sharing the Word, and believes that writing is just another avenue of teaching the gospel. Her book is available in several Christian book stores throughout the Cleveland area. Sales are going well, and plans are underway for out-of-state distribution. Now that God has planted within her the desire to write, Sandra hopes to turn out other books in future, "as the Lord leads."

If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them; Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit. (Leviticus 26:3-4) C